How to fix ‘Application not Installed’ error on Androids


A time comes when we attempt to introduce an ANDROID application and we see the blunder “Application not introduced”. This is exceptionally normal with apk records downloaded from nature. Regardless of how you attempt, despite everything you get the same application not introduced blunder. What could be the reason for this? We should investigate the normal causes and conceivable answers for this issue


Possible/Common causes:                                                                                                               

  • Deficient storage space: Your storage space might have topped off without any space to oblige new applications.
  • Corrupted app or apk file: This is most common with apps downloaded from outside Google Play Store. The app is either corrupted or incompletely downloaded or copied as the case maybe.
  • Incorrect app install location: Some apps are meant to be only installed on phone memory while some others can be installed on both phone memory and SD card. Trying do otherwise with the former can bring up this errors.
  • Installation on a mounted SD card: Possibly, your SD card is mounted on a portable workstation or somewhere else. Attempting to introduce anything in this state will bring about mistakes in light of the fact that the SD card is unavailable.
  • Corrupted storage (Phone and SD card): This is likely the most well-known reason for this blunder. In the event that the capacity of your gadget is undermined, any application establishment will be incomprehensible.
  • Apk signature/certificate clash: Introducing another variant of an application (with an alternate marked declaration) on the same gadget will most likely result in this mistake. Introducing an unsigned application could likewise bring about this mistake.
  • App permission errors or temporary OS glitches could also bring about this error. 

Possible Solutions:

  • Reboot the phone: In times like this, first thing to do is to reboot your device. Or just shut down, remove and reinsert your battery.
  • Make sure to uninstall any apps you don’t use to free up space, also uninstall previous versions of the same app currently installed on your device.
  • Double check the apk files you download and be sure they were completely copied or downloaded.
  • Try resetting app permissions by going to Settings >Apps>All>Menu key >Reset application permissions or Reset app preferences.
  • Change application establishment area to Automatic or Let framework choose.
  • Make sure your SD card is not mounted or connected to a PC or elsewhere.
  • For worst case scenarios, format your SD card – copy it’s contents somewhere else for backup and format.
  • The last solution would be to absolutely wipe your gadget. Either by doing a doing so as to process plant reset under Settings or a full wipe in recuperation mode.

To truly confirm the issue is fixed, try installing any app and give feedback. If you have this or any other mobile related queries,


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