Android Oreo Available in Google Nexus And Pixel


US company Google has released its new operating system Android Oreo 8.0  on Monday. This update will first be roll out in Google’s device Nexus and pixels. Along with that, the company has also released a list of 11 hardware partners, which will be the first Android O update in the coming time. The first name in this list is Android co-producer Andy Rubin, who recently launched his first Essential PH-1 smartphone. This phone will be the first to be given this update, unlike Google’s smartphones. In this post we will tell you which smartphones can be given this update and what new features have been added to it.

Which smartphones can get Android O update :

It is believed that Android O update will be given first in Nokia 8. It will be the flagship smartphone of the company. With this, Nokia 3,5,6 will also be given this update. At the same time, Google’s list includes Samsung’s name. This update can be provided in Galaxy Note 8, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The LG KV3 handset can be offered with Android O

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Android O updates will also be provided in smartphones of companies like Motorola, HTC, Sony, General Mobile, Kyocera and Sharpe. With this, smartphones such as HTC U11, U Ultra, P10, P10 Plus, Xperia XZ and Moto Z2 Force will be given a new update soon. It is believed that smartphone manufacturers will also release their list soon, which will tell which smartphones will be given the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

New features of Android Oreo:

New features are included in the new software. Its main features are Picture In Picture Mode and Autofill. In addition to features, new updates have already been brought with better security protection than ever before. Users will be able to use two apps simultaneously in Picture In Picture mode. Apart from this, the notification panel has also been improved. It is also very good in the case of security. This Android version will keep your device safe from hackers. With security, Android saves battery by closing the app running in O Background.

Android Oreo will speed up your Phone:

This new update will make your phone faster than ever and boost speed. It also has an Auto-fill feature, which takes care of users’ login and passwords. This allows users to sign up easily. Apart from this, users will also be provided full redesign emoji in Android Oreo.

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