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Overheating is a biggest problem for android user’s. How to avoid android phone overheating problem. Now a days we are much and more depending upon your android devices. At that time these devices are universal devices that can use for provide and access useful information.

There were many complaints in new Android smartphone models for overheating – There are lots of lawsuits about massive wide variety of smartphones like Lenovo K3 be aware , Micromax Yureka and Yureka Plus,  Yuphoria , Spark,  Lenovo A6000 plus , Lenovo A7000, Xiaomi Mi4i , Xiaomi Mi4 and Redmi 2.This isn’t a terrible component, but while you rely so much on a single piece, you have to be responsible with it, to take care of it. That’s why whilst your Android phone or tablet heats up, you begin to fear and ask one-of-a-kind questions: 

                                 Solution for Android Overheating

1). Disable undesirable features like Bluetooth & location SettingsFirst thing you need to do is take a look at and disable the place tracking, in case it’s far own and your maps application is using it, you’ll look at a better battery drain and additionally your phone hold to search for the GPS signal and reason heating.It is fine to maintain it switched off whilst you are not the use of the maps. Alot of different apps additionally generally tend to use the vicinity settings it is high-quality to turn off the settings to make sure better power saving and reduce cellphone heating,also you can turn off the Bluetooth if it is not being used as the Bluetooth keeps to search for new devices in area and provides load to the processor through keep to keep the smartphone awake.

2). Use of 4G and 3G statistics for longer length – when 3G or 4G statistics is constantly utilized by the phone, processor and GPU are operating constantly which causes heat.

best answer here is to take common breaks after 20-half-hour of gaming, can be suitable on your eyes as properly will reduce the heating.

3). Too Many approaches (Apps) going for walks at equal time – Too Apps are some times open on the cellphone and can purpose it to warmness up because of pointless  techniques strolling inside the heritage.

you may use an App like smooth grasp which i have observed quite powerful to close down the tactics and assist cool down the cellphone. clean master can take away junk documents in addition to loose up ram through remaining unused programs to cool down your cellphone,In case your smartphone is rooted you can use the first-class App known as Greenify wherein you can pick out which techniques you need to kill once you stop the software. Greenify is a extremely good tool to control overheating as well as enhance battery life. it could near facebook and whatsapp which tend to apply lot of Ram and at times preserve the processor busy with useless work.

4).Contend with your Battery and tool: The use of an authentic battery will decrease the uncertainty related to cheap batteries, however customers can similarly avoid overheating problems via right managing of the battery. normally, batteries need alternative after an year or after 300-500 charging cycles, and users must change batteries on the essential time as antique batteries are more liable to overheating.

collected dust on batteries and the tool can also bring about unnatural warmness era. dirt at the battery slot or the charging orifice might also bring about a battery/device malfunction and critical overheating. consequently users have to clean their devices often and keep them dust loose.

5).Taking Precautions while Charging Charging your battery is a very essential interest to your tool. while finished without right precautions, it could result in immoderate warmth technology. customers need to make sure that they use unique chargers for their tool. performing onerous activities while charging is also taxing on the battery and the tool and need to be prevented.

similarly, right ventilation on the region in which the device has been saved for charging will help in keeping the tool cool. If users have a replaceable battery, they are able to even use an external battery charger to price the battery that allows you to avoid heating the tool because of charging.

6).Long duration of pics intensive Gaming periods – try to keep away from gaming for longer duration even the first-rate smartphones get heated up after playing photos in depth games.

Now gaming on Android cellphone is important for lot of customers, however then it is the only software which pushes your cellphone’s processor and GPU to the restriction and due to which a lot of warmness is generated.

If there’s much less space for the heat to get away due to layout or provisioning of vents the telephone gets heated up. Taking a ruin after 20-25 mins will make sure your mobile receives much less heated.

7). Design and Processor optimization – This is the real difficulty with plenty of smartphones and if all of the above pointers fail then you could do this. if your cellphone is continously heating even after doing all optimizations referred to above.

8).Rooting and using a custom ROM after which underneath – clocking the processor is something you can attempt. however earlier than doing this in case your phone is new and you could go back it to the seller, try and return it and ask for refund or replacement.If the heating trouble has been continual for plenty days take it to the carrier center and get the tool checked and ask them to replace it.  you could do a manufacturing facility reset and spot if the phone nevertheless heats. This should be step one to optimize the performance.

If it’s far out of warranty or not anything else is running, then you can root your smartphone and deploy a custom Rom and spot if the heating changed into OS related problem. If it nevertheless heats you may attempt down clocking the processor to make sure that the boost clock is lower with the aid of 10-15% which may additionally at the least lessen the heating of the cellular.

9). Don’t Use the cellphone whilst Charging – this is the cardinal rule you need to observe, ought to not play video games or use information to look at motion pictures while your phone is charging; as processor will come below huge amount of pressure and without a doubt all the phone will warmness up because of this.

10).Avoid diving:A short dip inside the sea and a swim with the fishes (not within the mafia way) is an appealing prospect but water and phones don’t get on at all.

The simple recommendation right here, once more, is pretty easy – do not get your cellphone moist and take a look at your wallet before you dive inside the water. if you are contemplating taking your cellphone close to the drink, put money into one of the many covers that work underwater. This offers your tool safety, and has the delivered bonus that you can get some pretty impressive photographs.

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