Android Vs IOS which one is Better


Hello friends today we are going to discuss android vs ios At present, many people want to buy an iPhone. Many people have made different types of exploits to buy the iPhone. Where people thought of selling their kidneys to buy an iPhone on one side. On the other hand, last year an old senior manager of Foxconn Company had stolen the iPhone in China. According to the information, the price of the stolen iPhone was pegged at around $ 1.5 million. The accused had stolen the company’s nearly 5700 iPhone from China’s factory and sold it to the retail market. What people have not known to buy Apple iPhone But have you ever tried to know what exactly is the iPhone that makes it different from Android? In this post we will answer all your questions. Here we will tell you, along with the history of these two operating systems, which OS is better than the one.

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Android Vs IOS which one is Better

iPhone: Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the year 2007. Since then, the company has presented a new iPhone to the people every year. The company had introduced its first handset with 3.5 inch multi touch. It was given 4/8/16 GB internal memory. With a 2 MP rear camera, the Li-on battery was given in it.

Android: It was introduced by Google in September 2008. Since its first version was 1.6 donuts, so many verses have been launched since then. The latest version of Android is Oreo 8.0. It has recently been released. This operating system is used the most in the world.
Speed: If you talk about this segment, then the iPhone has bet in it. The iPhone works much faster than Android. Also its interface is quite smoother. Many things can be done simultaneously on the iPhone. While Android is a bit behind in multitasking work

Hang : In this segment, the iPhone is also on the first rung. This is because the iPhone does not have a hang problem. While this problem is quite common in Android.

Virus : In the case of virus the iPhone is considered quite safe. Its system has been made quite secure. But if the thing is from Android, then the danger of viruses in the phone is always maintained by downloading third party apps. Apart from this, it is also difficult to cope with the problem of connecting with other devices.

Siri : Speaking of Virtual Assistant, Siri was first introduced to the iPhone. After that, other companies including Samsung started giving virtual assist in the phone.
Single SIM: Single SIM can be used in the iPhone. In this case, dual SIM users will not like this phone. While nowadays there are many Android handsets available which give the option of the three sim.

Bluetooth: Android has Bluetooth facility. This allows any device to be connected. While there is no such facility in the iPhone.

Memory: There is no way to increase Internet memory in the iPhone. While Android has an option of SD card. Android is the best one for those who want more memory phones.

Price: In terms of price, Android leaves the iPhone behind. That’s because today’s Android is available at an initial price of Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000. At the same time, users have to spend 30 to 40,000 rupees to buy an iPhone.

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