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 Being Salman khan action game officially introduce his game Being Salman. Being Salman is a game based on three character’s first one is Chulbul pandey from movie Dabanng 2nd one is Tiger from movie Ek Tha Tiger and last 3rd character is  Prem from movie Prem Ratandhan Payo.

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Being Salman The Official game Download & Play 

In first character he is in police uniform with the goal of  justice for people and world. Then came Tiger’s character from “Ek Tha Tiger” with the reason of destroy terrorism from the world, and at last Prem  a person whose ambition at washing away all evil.

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This is a gift of Salman to his fan’s to play this online mission game, this game is also available on play store , 9 apps and iPhone App store. Salman khan have spent a lots of time in Bollywood industry and this game is like to get more fun to the gamer’s and Salman fan’s.

This is a first Bollywood actor who launch his android game and its popular in few days . In this game special video effect are already in-build by whom its look like a real life game.


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