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Best Android Music Player : Every Android device has a built-in music player, but not every music player is equally good. Fortunately, there is a huge selection of cool music players!

We distinguish between music players for local music (music on your device) or streaming music (music via the internet).  A few top music players are listed here :

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Best Android Music Player

  1. Spotify

Spotify, the popular music streaming service Spotify is available – also on mobile – as a free and paid service. On smartphones, you have the limitation that you can only listen to songs in Shuffle mode and with advertisements. The tablet version is slightly more extensive and lets you search for songs and listen to selected playlists. However, if you want to listen to music without restrictions and commercials, you have to take out a paid subscription.

Spotify has a beautiful dark design and makes it easy to search for music on the go, create playlists and manage playlists with friends. It is also possible to import local music via the PC and to synchronize it via WiFi with your mobile device.

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Best Android Music Player currently houses more than 20 million songs, which can be listened to and possibly purchased with the unlimited All Access subscription. To personalize the experience more, it is also possible to maintain your own personal music channel, in which you can place all your favorite artists and songs. You will quickly reach this collection via the ‘listen now’ tab. Another cool feature of Play Music is that the app has the ability to upload a lot of local music to the Google servers, so your own music is always available in the cloud. Google play, undoubtedly is the best music player for android devices. 

  1. Deezer

You have a large data bundle; you can now also stream songs for free with the Deezer app. However, this is not without limitations: through the Flow function, Deezer and personalized radio station compose on the basis of the music on your smartphone. Just like with Spotify Shuffle, you can skip six songs per hour. For the rest, you are therefore dependent on the random numbers that Deezer presents to you.

You can also use Flow to create radio stations based on specific artists or own playlists. There are also hundreds of stations compiled by `music editors’ from Deezer. Previously, you could only listen to music on mobile with a Premium + subscription of 10 euros per month. Such a subscription is of course still required if you want to decide which songs you want to stream.  Deezer is one of the best best music player for android devices.

  1. Tunester

Tunester is a very fine minimalist and Best Android Music Player of Dutch make for local music. The app has a nice `flat design` and according to the developer is easier to use than the iPod. All your music is displayed in one screen and the app can be used entirely with one hand. You can reach any number within two clicks and the use of a back button is not possible. The developer thinks that the developer is too old-fashioned and not at all practical.

Tunester mainly wants to impress with his dynamic list. This is a feature that allows users to quickly navigate all their music while displaying it in a single long list. This offers a simple and clear overview of all music.

  1. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle one of the Best Android Music Player a great music app for Android that combines minimalism with many features that are useful one by one. The app is small but powerful and offers a beautiful Holo design that supports Android 4.4 KitKat. This means that the notification bar is colored with the blue design of the app, which gives a great effect.

Shuttle Music Player has a lot of features. Think of an equalizer, the ability to search for lyrics with a song, to download and show album covers and pictures of artists, a sleep timer and the possibility to play songs immediately after each other.

In addition, Shuttle Music Player has a kind of Google Now-like design, with cool information cards. Shuttle Music Player, which works with local music files, is completely free to use to give the Android app especially a chance. Read more about Shuttle Music Player. It is voted as the best Best Android Music Playe 2018. Download now and enjoy.

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