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Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones : Antivirus or anti malware are the software applications that protect your mobile devices from different types of harms, dangers, and malwares. But it is always a question to think about which is the best antivirus for android smartphones?

Best Antivirus Apps For Android

Although people regularly write about latest viruses and malware on Android devices that is just a fraction of what is not good for the gadget. If you use your android device incorrectly, these viruses, spywares, and malware can cause a lot of damage to your device along with your personal data. That is why there are various best free android antivirus (as they promote) apps available in the Play Store.

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For most of the android users, installing an antivirus is not just needed. Google scans the applications on your device for malicious code using Google Play Protect. Yet the risk can come from any sides and Google Play Protect doesn’t stop all new malware. If you cant recognize malicious apps, text messages, E-mails, files, media, and more, an antivirus application can surely help. Even if it is only for a safe feeling. We recommend the following options.

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Please note that free antivirus apps show commercials and are likely to resell your information for advertising purposes.

Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones

Quick Heal Total Security for Android – Improved protection for your Android against viruses, theft, unwanted calls, and texting. Quick Heal Total Security keeps your Android safe , and at its best with enhanced features .

  • Block malicious and potentially dangerous websites.
  • Optimize and improve your device performance.
  • Review malicious applications and vulnerable settings on your device .
  • Set handy timings regular virus scan plans on your device.

Norton Mobile Security – We think this is the best free option, although you can also take out a subscription for more features. A requirement is not that, because the free version can do everything you expect from a good antivirus app.

Are you paying? Then you get App Adviser, which checks apps prior to downloading for privacy risks and excessive use of your battery and data. The premium version of this app is free to test for one month. If the trial period is over, you can continue to use the free options.

Kaspersky Lab – Kaspersky also offers a free antivirus app for Android. This app scans among others in the background to see if there are viruses, malware, spyware or Trojans on your device. It is also possible to lock an app via a pin code and the app tries to protect you from phishing. It is also a very nice clear app.

Avast Antivirus And Security – Avast has also put together a nice complete package. The free version offers, among other things, the possibility to scan for viruses, remove unnecessary data, block telephone numbers and monitor your browsing behavior. Pay you? Then the advertising is removed, anti-theft functions are activated and it is possible to lock apps. Compared to the other options, this app has slightly more problems with problems.

Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) – Virus Cleaner from Hi Security is another free antivirus app with a good stack of features. The app offers the possibility to empty your cache, optimize your cpu, put your apps behind a pin code, filter your notifications, block unwanted telephone numbers and much more besides a virus scanner. Most of these features can also be Android itself, but here you have everything in a handy package. Since this is a free app, you have to be aware that Hi Security can monitor your behavior and use it for advertising.


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