How To Change Boot Animation | Boot Animation Apk For Android


You want to change boot animation then your device must be rooted.Boot animation is the loading to the animation or the animated character that played on your screen while you start your device. It comes in an uncompressed zip file named and is found in the media folder of the system partition on the internal memory of the device.

Do you know you can even how to change boot animation in your device? Yes. There are two ways in which you can customize the android boot animation.

How To Change Boot Animation | Change Boot Animation For Android

  1. Android File Manager

It is a manual method and to use this method you need a file manager with root access. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the boot animation which you wish to display on your android screen. Download the associated zip file.
  • Open the file manager and locate the original boot animation file in the media

  • Choose the file and rename it to bootanimation.zip1.

  • Paste the new customized boot animation file in the same location.
  • Long press the file to seek permission. After that rename the file to bootanimation.zip1

  • Reboot your device to see a new animation
  1. Through Boot animation (Root) App
  • Download the zip file of custom boot animation.
  • Chose the boot animation app and choose backup/restore option. Restore your original boot animation for future use.

  • Choose the downloaded file. Rename it to and install it.

  • Reboot your device to experience the change.

These two are the efficient as well as effective ways to customize the boot animation. They are entirely safe.

Boot Animations For Android

The next question arises from where to download the free customized boot animation? There are hundreds of websites which offer free boot animation app. They are available according to the android version in your mobile. The resolution of the boot animation comes in three categories that are 720 p, 1080 p, 1440 p. It is always recommended to download the apk file from an authentic source to avoid any kind of virus. So, if you want your phone to look different from others, customize boot animation today!

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