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In the event that you didn’t discovered couple of things of your decision in a custom ROM or need to alter your Stock Android, UOT kitchen would be the ideal spot to tweak your Android the way you need(customize android phones). UOT Kitchen is an online apparatus to modify your android gadget for nothing. You can alter each and every part of your android gadget, for example, Battery icons,status bar,Lock screen,Fonts,Boot animation,Popup windows and so forth. You simply need to transfer few framework documents of your phone and you are all done !

 Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen : 

Kitchen features:

  • Battery mod for Xposed framework (NEW!)
  • Support for Android JB 4.2 (NEW!)
  • New ApkTools for better ICS and JB roms support
  • Battery mod for ICS and JB roms
  • Notification window for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
  • Boot animations for qhd/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
  • Flashing folders for system files
  • Additional patch to fix images
  • Custom battery for MIUI rom
  • Settings download/upload
  • Support for TouchWiz roms
  • Quick settings tab
  • Lockscreen pattern
  • Lockscreen lense style
  • Lockscreen rotating style
  • Lockscreen sliding tabs
  • Lockscreen icons
  • Custom loading circle
  • Custom list dividers
  • Pulldown background animation
  • Volume and Download bar customization
  • Flashing script for Data++ Roms
  • Popup windows customization
  • Support for stock odexed roms
  • Support for GB roms with Sense
  • Optional Theme preview
  • Overscroll glowing
  • Font packs
  • Supporting Theme Chooser for CM7 roms
  • Enable transparency in status bar for GB roms
  • Supporting Gingerbread roms
  • Edify and Amend installation script
  • Supporting hdpi/mdpi/ldpi roms
  • Patch9 images auto-fix
  • Super Circle Battery with %, version [A-P]
  • Custom style battery, version Z
  • Themed icons for status bar
  • Uni-color icons
  • Customizable notification drop-down window
  • Bootanimation changer
  • Corrected files for popular roms/themes
  • Showing battery % while charging
  • Custom charging animations
  • Windows animations
  • Icons for Notification Power Buttons

    Most importantly go to UOT Kitchen . You will see numerous tabs, for example, battery,icons and so forth. You can choose the mod which you need to use,it’s not obligatory to utilize all the mods.if you need to utilize battery mod then go to particular tab. Check utilize this mod.

There are number of choices accessible to change the battery icon.You can likewise set the distinctive hues for various rate levels. For instance 80%-60% Blue, 59%-30% Blue and 30%-10% Yellow and beneath 10% Red.There are additionally distinctive charging liveliness accessible. You can likewise change Emoticons,Power catches. Simply check the mods which you need to utilize. 

One of the best part is you can alter your status bar with your shading combination.You can likewise make status bar transperant.You can tweak Top bar,carrier name, Header, Background, warning, snappy setting tab. 

Window customization implies the path in which new window shows up in your device.You can simply see the sneak peak before selecting any mod. They have given recordings to various windows movement so you won’t be befuddled. 

You can likewise alter your Boot Animations. There are more than 20+ boot livelinesss accessible. Simply select your boot animation,watch the sneak peak and proceed. One ought not miss ” Linux Bios”. In the wake of finishing your customization, Go to File transfer tab then go to transfer your own particular documents area and select SystemUI.apk and structure res.apk.

Where to Find the above filesFramework-res.apk basically contains the elements of the Graphical User Interface for the phone. This file is available at /system/framework/framework-res.apk.

SystemUI.apk basically contains the statusbar elements, The file is available at/system/app/SystemUI.apk. If you couldn’t find the file there, Goto  /system/priv-app/SystemUI.apk

You will see two hues green and red.Green shading expresses that you have utilized specific mod and red means you have dropped that Mod. Only one more step, Go to synopsis area and select “Submit work to kitchen”. That is it.Your zip will be accessible to download in one to two hours,depending on the requests and mods you have utilized. UOT Kitchen is a decent different option for redo your android. In spite of the fact that custom ROMs are good,one can’t alter the ROM without fundamental learning. So how about we encounter UOT kitchen.

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