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Hello friends Today I am going to tell you about Nexus N for live support app. We’re in the previous couple of days of the primary half of 2016, which means that A lots of what was purported to happen inside the Android world for this year has already happened: we’ve seen the newest sets of SoC’s in consumer-equipped merchandise, we’ve visible Android OEMs carry out stated products and we’ve even had glimpses of what the future holds for molecularity and digital reality. but at this stage, we are nonetheless lacking one large event within the Android world: the reputable unveiling of Android N.

Android N for Nexus

Android N, or some thing it ends up being referred to as, will possibly be released in the direction of the start of this autumn 2016. This puts us right in the suitable spot for the rumor season for the upcoming Android launch, and the leaks have commenced to waft.

First up, coming to us courtesy of the folks over at Android-police, it appears that Google has been prepping up an app to useful resource in display sharing for the purpose of after-income guide. Dubbed Google assist in its current unreleased country, Android-Police’s sources have provided them sufficient data to create a mock-up of the introductory help screen of the said app:

google add live support app nexus android N

What information can we obtain from the mock-up? the visible capability of the app can be to guide display sharing of the parent device to an after-sales carrier agent. that is probably to bridge the guide hole that includes going with an internet-best sales version, because it will aid in simple troubleshooting of average client problems with out them wanting to deliver the device again to Google. The mockup just about provides this lots statistics, however an awesome guess would be that a few kind of conversation facility or aid (thru audio or textual content chat) might be included in the app. The mock-up and Android-Police’s resources do now not deal with if this app will be constrained to just display screen sharing (i.e. viewing-only capabilities) or could permit the carrier agent to interact and perform far off moves.

Android Police has rated this rumor at a 9 out of 10 in confidence. at the same time as there are nonetheless variables involved and the whole thing, including the name, isn’t finalized and subject to variation, this capability will make its way in a few shape to the upcoming HTC Nexus gadgets, Sailfish and Marlin. One point to observe is this support app would likely be restricted to Nexus gadgets, seeing that Google does now not offer for non-Nexus devices.

In case you checked out the above mock up a chunk keenly, you may have also observed some thing out of doors of the app intro display screen (even though Android Police did consciously area it into the mock up). the second rumor associated with the approaching Android N is the redesign of the navigation bar.

google add live support nexus

Android Police notes that the main button animates upon an extended press. The keys also are opaque now. This small exchange sounds greater like a re-topic in preference to a whole and radical reconsider of functionality, so the key behaviour ought to remain largely unchanged (unless Google does have plans for them within the near destiny — we don’t recognise yet).

Android Police has rated this rumor a 7 out of 10 in confidence, with a truthful few variables being a opportunity. a great guess might be that the remodel is likely to make its way to Nexus devices so that it will be formally up to date to Android N. matters can trade until Android N is subsequently released.

The Nexus hype train began with the leak of specifications of the upcoming Sailfish HTC Nexus, and now movements on to the life of a Nexus-most effective app and a small redecorate of the omnipresent navigation bar. stay tuned as we find greater about the upcoming additions to the Nexus own family, due to the fact it’s far approximately damn time!


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