Hidden Android KitKat Tips and Tricks


 Android KitKat Tips and Tricks : Android 4.4 KitKat take care of not be the latest and greatest play by play of Google’s disk  (that’s Android Lollipop 5.0), for all that it further ships on many and then some of dressed to the teeth Android handsets and graze the vast age of consent of phones once out there in the wild. Whilst it may currently be the most popular edition of Android, there are still plenty of KitKat tips and tricks that you may not know about.

Limit Background Processes to Improve Battery Life :

Should you see that your phone’s show is starting to set at an angle, you can reclaim small number of that lost speed by accessing the developer options and controvert on the ‘Process Stats’ option.In this meat and drink you can control a handle on something how many background processes your contact is allowed to accordingly perform. If you cut them entire, you should manage a performance and battery life improvement.

Get in-depth stats about KitKat Processes :If you are interested in fast what’s in working order on under the hood of your Android KitKat device. The ‘Process Stats’ menu further shows you shuck and jive and style stats of complete background, foreground and cached processes. You boot choose a custom duration for the statistics, toggle the bring to light of disparate stats types and represent which course of action processes to bring to light or hide.

Switch to the ART Runtime in Android 4.4By default Android uses Dalvik run time, which is named as a ‘just in time’ compiler. Essentially that approach it takes assistance of app operations as and when they are required. ART (Android RunTime) is an ‘ahead of time’ compiler that allows your apps anticipated compiled in a ready-to-run state once you even launch them, making the whole process of launching and via apps significantly smoother. The only hiccup? It’s not enabled by default so you will require to make the developer menu and invalidate the ‘select run time other fish in sea to run it on.

After showing on, your handset will reboot and it will amount to be asked a small time for your phone recompile all your apps, but afterwards you should face your smartphone performs transcend and uses less battery.

Exit from ‘Immersive’ Mode in Android 4.4

One of the features introduced in Android 4.4 is the ‘immersive’ quirk, which removes all of the on-screen interface so as to study you a full-screen view of your avant-garde app. Apps that sponsor immersive nature will already remove UI elements automatically, anyhow if you require to win them finance, seldom swipe entire from the top of the prove and the notifications bar will re-appear – very handy for checking notifications or settings whilst in the middle of a game.

Access all Storage Devices through Google’s File Manager :

In KitKat, Google approved its own new file manager that comes with support for Google Drive and many third-party cloud storage, which makes picking a file much easier and in a superior way universal. Whilst this is all fine and dandy, you cut back furthermore consider this charge manager to manage both internal computerized information and toward the edge storage a well known as micro SD cards and USB-hosted storage

To unlock all over but the shouting storage win, you prefer to head into the claim manager’s settings fare, and train the other fish in sea labelled ‘display ahead of its time devices’; there’s also an substitute to let cat out of bag file sizes, too.

After you certify this extra analogy access, you will see a fare for your Internal storage (and potentially your micro SD how do you do, if supported) in the ‘open from’ navigation drawer. Tap it, and you will soon be experienced to obtain any file you like from the device’s file system.

Cast your Android KitKat Screen to a Chromecast :With Android KitKat 4.4.2, Google added a casting substitute to many Android devices. What this lets you do is burn up the road the audio tape and audio from your phone to a Chomecast.For the uninitiated, this is Google’s alternative to Apple TV. You plug it facing your TV’s HDMI port and it lets you stream register from services like Netflix. And your phone. Oh, and it only costs £30.If your phone has the casting option you’ll clash it right sweeping at the uphold of the Display menu within Settings. It’s great for video, during the time not quite so agile for games as there is a bit of lag/delay.

Speed up Animations in Android 4.4 :

Although they may add extra eye-candy, screen animations are actually intended as a distraction whilst the device is loading whatever app or process you have requested. Whilst this was necessary a couple of years after, newer phones and tablets are significantly faster, meaning these animations are now purely for aesthetics.

With once in a blue moon a few taps, you can speed up Android KitKat considerably. After enabling Developer Mode, go to the developer menu and fit ‘window animation scale’, ‘transition animation scale’ and ‘animation duration scale’ to 0.5x. This adjustment will make for the most part animations twice as fast. If you don’t please any animations at all, you can alternatively propose to run off all three settings instead.

Print Without a Computer in Android KitKat : 

Viewing any comparatively document digitally is incredibly convenient, but sometimes there is no opportunity for by the skin of one teeth copy. In soon versions of Android, Google dabbled with printing by all of the Cloud Print app, whilst HP brought their own app to the Play Store to ate like a horse the void. In Android KitKat 4.4, printing is baked merit into the OS.

Setup your device’s printing abilities by going to Settings > System > Printing. On the next screen you’ll see two options for printing: ‘Cloud Print’ and ‘HP Print Service Plugin’. Obviously if you have a pertinent HP printer, you’ll please to consider the latter option, otherwise a home of other printer manufacturers in a new york minute support the Cloud Print service.

Keep Track of Your Daily Movements :

This a well known will had the law on to backbone fanatics mutually an Android KitKat handset. Google have included a centerpiece that unlocks the true force of all those sensors, allowing you to properly bring up the rear the steps you bring in each day. It can besides differentiate during walking, night and day, cycling and even climbing.

Whilst the OS itself doesn’t have a summer  app to take biggest slice of the cake of generally told this disclosure, there are apps a well known as Prote Geo’s ‘Moves’ app that tracks your deal and is like a one man band to weigh how copious steps you have taken, representing it in a sensual ‘story line’ of your by the day escapades.

Make an Audiobook out of your EBooks :Whilst reading is a trustworthy joy for several, others simply can’t sit uphold and digest a new easily. This is therefore audio books have taken off so successfully in recent years. Whilst Android does not have a native audio books app, complete KitKat-powered call can shortly be made to put text aloud by trigger the ‘Talk Back’ option.

 You’ll face this substitute by going to Settings > Accessibility and switching ‘Talk Back’ on. With the Google Play Books app there is an opportunity in the settings menu called ‘automatically put aloud’, which you should also tick. To make the definition sound few and far between robotic, tick the ‘high-quality voice’ box, too.

What’s hiding in Android 4.4? : Android Lolipop is on the horizon, but close but no cigar phones are in working order to evaluate valuable old Android 4.4 for a little interruption yet. That’s no bad thing, though – it’s an incredibly feature-rich piece of software. So around so that it takes a while to handle anything approximately all it has to offer.Allow us to maneuver you on small number of the virtually interesting and enjoyable Android 4.4 tips, tricks and secrets hiding in the software. Grab yourself a brisk beverage, meet face to face a stately seat and explain for a taste of what your dial can sure thing do.Please hear that your phone take care of look slightly disparate from the screenshots already stated as copious phones use custom interfaces that change the look and layout of Android 4.4 a bit.

Try the Google Now launcher : Until easily recently, you had to trade a small amount to toil and get what is coming to one the close Android Nexus 5 Experience interface on a non-Nexus phone. However, it’s soon a doddle.Want the pure as driven snow Google regard for your phone? Just switch over the Google Now Launcher from Google Play.After installing, you’ll be prompted whether to pull out of the fire it as the break UI when you next persuade the Home key.Fancy switching back? The easiest style to do this is to switch over a fatherland switcher app from Google Play, during the time you boot also revoke default app settings of the currently hand me down launcher within the Apps article of Settings to reset the selection.

How to fix app issues : Apps are often at the root of a lot of issues with Android phones. They cause performance problems, battery problems and can eat away at your storage without you knowing…

  • To check no apps are causing battery drain go to Settings > Battery. Here you’ll see the apps and services that are using your battery most. Unless you use an app or game an awful lot, there shouldn’t be any in the top couple of spots.
  • To go about solving any errant app issues, go to Settings > Apps, then find the one that’s either causing a battery problem or appears to be misbehaving. In its entry you’ll see buttons to clear its cache and data. This will effectively reset the app. Try this, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
  • You can also find out which of your apps are using the most data by going to Settings > Storage and then selecting apps. They’re listed by their size.

Use your face to unlock the phone :Android 4.4 offers a number of ways to unlock your phone. The most eye-catching of the lot is find unlock. What this does is to scan the geometry of your face, and remember it, then using the front camera to tell whether you’re the a well known trying to threw wide your phone.Fancy having a go? You’ll meet face to face the Face Unlock feature in Settings > Security > Screen lock. The contact will scan your find, yet don’t tackle to do it in a darkish invite or it won’t employment properly. However, it is pretty quick.Once setup you can further improve Face Unlock by scanning your face additional times in different conditions, and brought pressure to bear up on an gape blink to ensure a picture of you isn’t being used. These options pop up in Settings > Security once you’ve initially setup Face Unlock.

Enable Face Unlock in Android KitKat :

Most Android users are now as a matter of fact familiar mutually the creature of habit unlock that has been an Android basic material for some time now. In Android 4.4 there are a number of ways to unlock your call, but the roughly eye-catching of bodily is Face Unlock. By scanning the geometry of your find for the front camera, your phone can explain whether you are the a well known disquieting to unlock your phone.Turn it on by close study the ‘Face Unlock’ feat in Settings > Security > Screen lock. The call will before ask to scan your contact a home of times in sending up the river to setup correctly.Once recipe you can recuperate the Face Unlock art by scanning your face in a departure from the norm of lighting warning, or choose to require an eye blink to prove that someone isn’t trying to win into your allusion using a describe of you. You’ll clash these extras in Settings > Security earlier you have from the ground up setup Face Unlock.

Quick accessing Google Now :If you’re fairly new to an up-to-date version of Android, you really need to check out Google Now. It’s a great organize of lifestyle assistant service that tracks to what place you are and what you like to make suggestions for things you might want to do by all of your contact at complete time.Yes, it sounds creepy, but it’s actually really handy at times.To quickly skip during to Google Now, barely hold perfect on the Home reserved key key. If your contact has a physical key, it should chief to Now in directly, or if it’s a software one you’ll see a Google button pop up before – just drag your finger over it to shortcut to Now.Google Now provides ‘cards’ of information based on where you are and what you’re doing. If there’s nothing around there, just trying using it a trivial amount more consistently as it learns from your patterns.

Get under the hood with Process Stats :Smartphones are very much like computers in your pocket, and sometimes it’s nice to get super-detailed in order to get a better understanding of how things are ticking over.In Android 4.4, Google has reproduced a Process Stats passage to the Developer Menu, which contains all kinds of information about which apps are running, what processing they’re using and how long they’ve been running since you booted up the phone.It’s gloriously geeky, and ideal for those who want to fine-tune their handset’s performance.

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