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Hello friends Today we are going to share a Whats app trick to all of you , Now we are going to discuss how to unsend whatsapp msg , how to unsend whatsapp message after delivered , how to recall whatsapp message , how to unsend whatsapp image , how to unsend whatsapp chat , how to unsend whatsapp text , how to unsend sent messages on whatsapp , So Don’t go any where every whats app related trick you will find here

People who use Whatsapp more often have had to face problems. Sometimes it happens that someone else has to send the message and send it to someone else. This happens most often when we are talking to many people together. After passing the message to the wrong person, you can not do anything. Just think that if you have any personal message that goes to someone else, what would you reply to that person? That is why we have brought a way for you to unsent the message you sent.

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How To Unsend Whatsapp Msg

How to Unsend Whatsapp Message

1. If you have messaged someone by mistake, then immediately close your data connection. Keep in mind that you have to do this work immediately.
2. If you miss the data shutdown, then tap the clock sign in the corner of the message while sending the message. The message will be unsuspected by this.
3. Also, block the person who has lost the message immediately. Such messages will be saved from being sent. Later you can unblock the block. But keep in mind that block a person for a few days after blocking, because Whats App Save can restore message for 30 days.

I hope you follow the above guideline for how to unsend whatsapp msg and really you got the solution for this whats app wrongly send or a wrong person message deliver in real time .

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