Increase RAM in Android Mobile (Working methods)


So guys, Today We are sharing occupied methods to pick up ram in android mobile. With the increase in location of android apps, pre condition of preferably RAM is consistent pas has a head start is passing. Some of apps comfort messenger without which a with a free hand known fellow can’t lie, for all that the main cooling off period is insufficiency of RAM. SO, If you are facing silent amount of RAM cooling off career in your android express, than you are at approved post. We are sharing at which answer to increase capsize in android mobile.


So, if you are thinking to switch to new android mobile for low amount of RAM issue. Then there is no need to do switch. As, this method to increase amount of RAM will work on all android devices.

Increase RAM in Android mobile:

Below, We are listing some of best method to increase amount of ram in your android mobile. Follow steps carefully, as this method can brick your device as well.

Method 1 to increase RAM in Android mobile

This method uses Swapper for Root to increase RAM in android. Follow steps carefully:

  • First of all, you need a root android mobile.
  • So, in next steps I am assuming that you have successfully rooted your android mobile.
  • Now, Install and Open Swapper for Root.
  • After, you will open Swapper. It will ask you for swap size.
  • It will ask you for Swap File Dimension.
  • Enter amount of RAM you want to increase and Click on Save.

So, How to check whether RAM is increased or not?

To check amount of RAM swapped or you can say to check amount of RAM increased, you need an app known as Terminal Emulator. Now, follow below steps:

  1. Open Terminal Emulator.
  2. Type free.

Method 2 to increase RAM in Android phone
This method to increase ram of android mobile requires app known as Roehsoft RAM Expander. Note that this app is a paid app which you have to buy fir INR 273. So, Give this app a try only if Swapper for Android is not working for you.

  • Just Click on Activate Swap.
  • It will create a SWAP file in your internal memory or memory card(depends upon path of SWAP file).
  • Now, Click on option to activate SWAP and you are done.

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Some tips to optimize free amount of RAM in your android phone

Above, We have shared best methods to increase ram in android. Now, if above method do not works for you then give these methods a try to increase amount of free RAM in android mobile.

Tips to increase amount of free RAM:

This method is one of best method to increase amount of free ram in your android mobile without rooting it. The pre-installed crap apps known as Bloatwares taks up a lot of mobile space. You can disable these apps to increase amount of free space in RAM.

1. Disable useless apps in your Android mobile:

How to disable Bloatware in Android mobile:

  1. Go to Application Manager.
  2. Click on any useless app.
  3. Click on Disable or Uninstall.

2. Use Greenify:

You can use Greenify to increase amount of free RAM in your android mobile. Basically, this android app put apps into hibernation and prevent these apps from running into background into RAM of your android mobile. You can download Greenify app from Play Store for free.

3. Using RAM Killer apps:

You can use RAM Killer apps to increase amount of free ram. Though, this method is not advisable to apply as it can cause some problems as well like Low battery backup etc. But If you are continuously facing problem of low amount of ram, than you can clear your ram once or twice a day.


So, It was all about method to increase ram in android. If you liked these methods to increase RAM in android mobile, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Bookmark this page to get more updates on increase RAM methods.

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