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Hello friends Today we are going to discuss about iPhone 8 colors. Apple has always been a class apart when it comes to the phone. iPhone 8 is one of the most demanded phones in the market. The company has come up with an entirely new design and camera specification. The phone has 4.7-inch retina display which offers 1334 x 750 pixels. The phone comes with 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. It has a full glass body and looks different from rest of the series of iPhone.

iPhone 8 Colors | iPhone Case And Cover

iPhone 8 comes in many colors. You can choose any of the iPhone 8 colors according to your preference and choice. The iPhone 8 colors are as follows:

  • Blush Gold: It is a new color which has been launched exclusively for iPhone 8. It has an inch of copper with a black
  • Space Grey: It is one of the most preferred choices of people who like dark colors.
  • Silver :  Silver Color first iPhone launch with iPhone 5 now its again came with iPhone 8

You can among these three iPhone 8 colors which suit you.

iPhone case and cover

One of the best things about iPhone is the accessories which are associated with it. There are ample iPhone case and cover which not only gives your phone protection but also changes the look of the phone. iPhone case and the cover are very important for such a costly phone. It guards your phone against any breakage. The cases for iPhone comes in a variety of designs and materials. Some of the most demanded materials are as follows:

  • Silicon iPhone case and cover: It is one of the most demanded and widely used cover. It is a soft rubber-like material that provides cushioning to your phone.
  • Leather iPhone case: Leather cases give your phone a premium look. The phone is not only protected but also looks classy at the same time. This cover is generally preferred by men.
  • Hard case: This case has a plastic body. It comes in many designs and colors. It is not so good in terms of protecting the phone. These cases can also be personalized.

The above-mentioned categories apply to iPhone 8 plus case as well.

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