iPhone 8 Price Specifications| Launch Date In India


Apple is going to launch its iPhone 8. According to the Wall Street Journal report, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus can also be launched with the iPhone 8. There are many questions about Apple’s upcoming event. The biggest question is about the iPhone 8 price, features and specification . At the same time Apple can launch its 4K TV set top box. Speaking of the iPhone 8, it could be Apple’s most expensive phone ever. Its starting price can be $ 1000 (about Rs 65,000). According to a New York Times report, the premium variant of the iPhone 8 could be worth $ 999.

iPhone 8 Price Details

Earlier Goldman Sachs and Fortune’s report was published in Business Insider. In this also the iPhone 8 price was stated to be 1000 dollars. According to an UBS analyst, the initial iPhone 8 price could be 870 US Dollars. The new OLED display and glass design in the iPhone 8 may be the reason for it being expensive. In India, the price of the iPhone is much higher than in the US. The top variants of the iPhone 7 Plus were launched in India at Rs 92,000, so it may be launched even more in this price.

Apple’s event in the US is expected to be on September 12, although the company has not yet started sending inventions for it. IPhone 8 will soon be made available for sale in the US shortly after the launch. In India, it will be made available for sale at the end of October.

iPhone 8 Price & Changes

The biggest change in iPhone 8 will be found in the display. It can get a 5.8-inch badge-free display, as given in the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + and Note 8. However it will not have a curved display. Apart from this it will not even have a Home button. There will be 3D face recognition feature to unlock the phone. Its design will be of glass and metal and will support wireless charging. Dual rear camera will be available in the iPhone 8. According to reports, the new A 11 chip can be found in the iPhone 8. In its initial model 32 GB internal memory and top variants can get 256 GB internal memory.

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