iPhone 8 Release Date: Specs, features and all you need to know


There have been many reports about Apple’s iPhone 8. In the meanwhile, the leak is also showing about a special feature. Apple has recently released the firmware build for its homepad smart speaker. However, developers have discovered some code and references in the firmware for the past few days, which detect some features of the upcoming iPhone handsets. Which is being called the iPhone 8. One developer has discovered another potential feature of the iPhone 8.

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Incoming notifications will stop from watching the phone:

According to the Tech Crunch website’s report, developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered a special feature of the iPhone 8, in which the user can mute incoming notifications by looking at the phone’s screen. Rambo has shared some screenshots through his tweeter, claiming that if you are watching the phone then the iPhone will turn off incoming notifications. However it is difficult to say how this feature will work.

Eye scanning or face scanning technology can be included:

Here the speculation associated with the phone has been repeated. According to the news, the company can completely eliminate the Touch ID in the incoming iPhone. At the same time, the company can incorporate scanning or face scanning technology in the new phone by turning off the Touch ID.

Earlier news came to know that the company is planning to launch more than one iPhone this year. This includes iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Their prototypes have also emerged. Under these, Bezal or Touch ID buttons are not shown in the new iPhone. Also a leaked paper is shown in a news published by Slashchel. There is a SIM tray of the phone shown in it. Face unlocking feature has been given in the new iPhone. However, earlier Samsung and Essential launched the handset equipped with Face Unlocking Feature.

How will the design of the iPhone 8:

According to the report, which also has the design of Apple iPhone 8, it shows that the iPhone will not have any kind of beels. It was said earlier about this. Apple will completely remove the bezel from the display. Earlier, KGI Security expert had said that the iPhone 8 will have the highest high quality screen to body ratio compared to any smartphone. According to a new report, it will be given a 5.8-inch display.

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