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Hello viewer’s welcome on our portal maximum time we are providing you Android latest device information but today we are going to inform you about latest news about ISRO one the most popular india space agency.  It’s a very good news to all of you ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has just launch an android app(ISRO Solar Calculator) .The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday stated its Ahmadabad-based  totally Space Applications Center has evolved an android app for computing the solar energy capability of an area.

ISRO Solar Calculator(solar power plant) india solar energy sector developed at the behest of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the app is considered to be a “very useful” device for installation of photo-voltaic (PV) sun panels that is used for tapping solar electricity, it said.


The ISRO said the app (ISRO Solar Calculator) provides monthly and yearly solar capability and the minimum and the most temperatures at any area.The App offers month-to-month / yearly solar capability (in kWh/m2) and minimum / maximum temperature at any region. It also displays the place at the satellite TV for PC picture and presents azimuth / elevation angles in addition to day duration over distinctive time duration’s in a year.

ISRO India Major features of ISRO Solar Calculator

  1. The App(ISRO Solar Calculator) provides solar energy potential (in kWh/m2) at any given location
  2. The required location can be keyed in or can be obtained through GPS
  3. It gives monthly and yearly solar potential processed using Indian Geostationary Satellite data (Kalpana-1, INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR). It also offers monthly minimum and maximum temperature to calculate realistic solar potential
  4. Location is displayed on image with satellite data in the background
  5. It also provides azimuth and elevation angles, and day length over different time periods in a year.
  6. Obstruction of sunlight due to terrain is also calculated using Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  7. It also suggests optimum tilt angle for solar PV installation
  8. This App needs internet connection to calculate the results
  9. Complete report can be saved as a PDF file

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