Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer Vs Idea Airtel Vodafone & BSNL


After  Jio Dhan Dhan offer , The Data War has started once again. As soon as Jio offered the Dhan Dhan Dhana Dhan after the closure of Summar Surprise, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL also gave trump cards and one more plan has come in the market, in which user is Confuse . So let’s see whose plan is best?

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan (for Prime Member) In this plan you have recharge of 309 and 509 rupees. Under this plan, you will get 84 GB data (1GB everyday) and unlimited calling for 84 days. If you want 2GB data per day, then you have a recharge of Rs 509. In this you will get 2GB 4G data every day and validity will be 84 days.

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer & It’s Effect On Other Telecom Operator

jio Dhan Dhana Dhan (for non-prime members) You have a plan of Rs 408, which will get up to 84 days with 1GB data unlimited calling and messaging. If you want 2 GB data per day, then recharge 608 rupees. Its validity will be 84 days but data will get 168 GB.

Airtel New plans

Rs 244 – Airtel to Airtel Unlimited Calling, 70 days validity, 70 GB data, everyday data usage limit of 1 GB, 399 Rs – Unlimited calling on all networks, validity 70 days, Data 70 GB, Data usage limit of 1 GB per day, 498 – Unlimited Calling on All Networks, Validity 70 Days, 4G Data 70 GB, Data Use limit 1.25 GB, 648 – Unlimited Calling validity on all networks 70 days, 70GB, Data usage limit of 1.5 GB per day,

Rs 899- Unlimited Calling on all networks, validity 70 days, 70 GB per day Data limit limit of 2 GB, Rs 1,198 – Unlimited calling on all networks, validity 70 days, 70GB, Data usage limit of 2.5 GB
Vodafone’s Rs 352 plan According to the report, this plan will get 1 GB of data daily with validity of 56 days. Local / STD calling will be free along with. However this plan is not for all users.

Idea New plan’s

Idea plans for Rs 297 and Rs 447 Idea to Idea local / STD calling in the Rs 297 plan and 70 GB 70G datat for 70 days. The data usage limit will be 1 GB per day. At the same time, plans of Rs 447 will be available in the above plan.
But in this plan, unlimited calling facility will be available on all networks. This plan is for 4G handset users only. Daily Calling limit will be 300 minutes in the Rs 297 plan, while unlimited calls for 3000 days of unlimited calls will be available for a plan of 447 rupees. After this 30 paisa per minute will be charged

BSNL’s Rs 249 plan

This plan is for broadband users only. Under this plan, with 2 Mbps speed you get 10 GB data per day. Simultaneously, unlimited calling will be given from 9 am to 7 am on the second network from BSNL, whereas on the Sunday, unlimited calling will be enjoyed throughout the day. The validity of the plan will be 30 days.

Conclusion : According to all telecom companies offer Jio plan is best and much more beneficial for all users , friends please remember previous data charges of telecom companies before jio launch . 1 gb 3g data cost is approx 300 rs then what happen to these company and why they are blaming Reliance Jio



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