Government telecom company BSNL has asked its broadband customers to change their modem’s default system password as soon as possible. It has been reported that this week a malware attack on a section of BSNL has happened. This attack has affected nearly 2000 company broadband modems whose default password “admin” was not changed. BSNL chairman Anupam Srivastava gave this information. He said, ‘The situation has been largely settled. We are advising customers that they change their passwords with immediate effect. After changing the password, they are not worried about the use of broadband.

Malware Attack on Bsnl Broadband 

Along with that, he said that the malware attack did not affect BSNL’s core network, billing or other system. Anupam Srivastava said that the passwords of malware users were changing during the attack and the modem was not being applied in the affected mode. The attack took place in the beginning of this week. Shrivastava said that BSNL is also alerting the users through call center and is advising them to take necessary steps.
Let us know that this year the number of malware attacks in India has increased rapidly. Computers, Internet, Networking and Smartphones have been influenced by other malware’s, including ransomware . Have constantly advised the government and the banks to strengthen network security firewalls so that such cyber attacks can be avoided.

How to Change Broadband Password :

After malware attack on bsnl broadband its very important to all users must change your broadband password . Here we are going to explain how to change your broadband password . please follow the given below steps .

– First go to the internet browser and type and press Enter
Here you have to enter the username and current password. (In BSNL, the default username and password are “admin”.)
– To change the password, you can change your password here by going to the Security tab.

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