Missed Call Earning Of Telecom Companies In India


Hello friends are you know about How telecom companies earn through missed call . You know about missed call earning or advertisement , miss call marketing in India . We call each other a missed call, and then the front makes us call. We think that I did not even have my money and it happened. The number of mobile users in the country has more than 1 billion. Most of these mobile users are from rural areas who talk only with missed calls from their families living in the city. It would not be wrong to say that the people of the country are also easily associated with missed calls, but do you know that the missed calls also make telecom companies earn ? And what will be the missed call earning of telecom companies like Bsnl  , Airtel , Idea , Reliance Jio and so on .
You may have heard the name of (MTC) hardly. Its full name is mobile termination charge. That is, the charge that a company takes for incoming calls from other companies coming to its network. Telecom companies get termination or interconnection charge on each incoming call coming from the network of another operator. At present, every incoming call is charged 14 paise.

Missed Call Earning Of Telecom Companies

Missed Call Earning Of Telecom Companies In India

According to a report, all the telecom operators in the country have set up 50 per cent of their network in the rural areas of the country, and 40 per cent of these networks do not equal the earnings of telecom companies. Now the question arises that why companies are losing money if they are losing money. The biggest reason for this is MTC, which makes companies earn. At the same time, many telecom companies are demanding to increase the MTC charge. They say that about 30 paisa is spent to complete incoming calls on their network.

According to a report, Idea and Airtel, where the recent meeting with TRAI for the MTC Review, has demanded the MTC charge to be 30 paisa per minute, Vodafone has demanded 34 paisa for it. If this happens then the impact will be on call rates as the tariff plans are also fixed according to the MTC.
The existing MTC is 14 paise, but if the TRAI orders it to reduce it will harm the users. Network connectivity will be affected in the rural areas as the telecom companies say that due to low MTC they will be harmed and why any company would want to invest in case of loss. In such cases, unwanted calls and messages will also increase because companies can do this to extract their costs.

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