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Digital Wallet and e-commerce platform, Paytm has made money transfer and shopping a lot easier by launching its mobile wallet. After this many companies introduced this service. Now Paytm has launched a new money transfer service in view of this growing competition. The information company has given a tweet. Under the new service, users will be able to transfer money easily by selecting any person from their contact list.

Learn about the new service :

It is very easy to use this service. If the user wants to send money to any person, then you have to go to the contact list of your phone. After this, select the name of anyone whom you want to transfer money. Here you will get the option of money money. Now enter the amount of money you have to send. Money can be transferred after approval.

Paytm will launch soon Chat messenger :

Paytm is coming soon with its chat messenger in its app. This will allow paytm to communicate more than 230 million user base without any interruptions easily. According to sources, the company is planning to connect consumers to the business with its move. Media reports suggest that paytm could offer this feature by the end of this month. However, this step of paytm is showing upside down from other messengers. For example, the Hike Messenger app, which recently advertised the facility of payment through Wallet and UPI. With this, Whatsapp is also coming out with the payment feature in the country. Interestingly, the business head of Whatsapp Neerak Arora also sit on the Board of Paytm .

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