How to root Nexus 7 | Root Nexus 7 With Or Without PC


Root Nexus 7 : Are you using a smartphone? or Searching for how to Root Nexus 7 If your answer is yes and you want to make the most out of it, then try rooting it. Rooting a smartphone means to attain the access to the core of Android system code. The process gives you administrative powers and unlocks some of the best features of your android phone by making it more flexible. Some of the advantages of rooting an android phone are as follows:

  • Installation of custom ROM
  • Ad blocking on all applications
  • Installing incompatible apps
  • Great battery life and speed
  • CPU Clocking etc.

Root Nexus 7 Without PC | Root Nexus 7 With PC

There are many other benefits of rooting a phone. If you want to root your phone follow the steps mentioned below on how to root Nexus 7

Root Nexus 7 without pc

Nexus 7 is the latest android phone with great RAM and efficient performance. People or to better say gamer mostly prefer to root the phone to improvise the performance. Here are some simple steps to root nexus 7 without pc:

  • The first step is to enable the feature of “unknown sources” on nexus 7
  • Download and install the Towelroot APK on your phone. Ignore the warning and click on “Install Anyway”
  • Run the application. Click on “ Make it Rain”
  • After the rebooting process, check it by Root Checker.
  • Install the application named SuperSU to keep the malicious application away from your phone.

Root Nexus 7 with pc

The other way to root your nexus phone is to do it with the help of your computer. So, follow the steps below to root Nexus 7 with pc:

  • To begin with, download the CF-Auto root on your windows and get the root file.
  • Boot your Nexus 7 in bootloader/fastboot mode by simply turning your device off, then hold VolUp + VolDown + Power to turn it on. Unlock the bootloader.
  • Connect the Nexus 7 with your computer via data cable.
  • Go to the root file and run the root-windows.bat exe
  • Follow the instruction on your computer screen carefully.
  • After the completion of the steps, the phone will root

Both the processes are entirely safe. You must try one of these to get a better experience by accessing your phone. So what are you waiting for? Root your Nexus 7 today!

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