Sarahah App What Is It And Why Everyone Talking About it


These days, Saudi Arabia’s message app Sarahah is discussed everywhere. Through this app, you can send a message to any person linked to your profile. The recipient of the message will not know who this message came from. That’s why this app is becoming very popular among the people very fast. Praise is an Arabic word. It means honesty.

Sarahah App  30 million times downloaded

This app has been downloaded nearly 30 million times. The surprising thing is that it only runs three employees. In the Middle East countries, this app has become quite popular a month ago, but in India it is now becoming popular among social media users. Through this app, you can send a message to anyone associated with your profile. You send a message to your friends as you like but they will not know your name. This app has become quite popular due to the convenience of link sharing.

#Sarahah Anonymous Messaging App Top of the list of apps

After launch, the app reached the top of the list of Apple’s downloaded apps in 30 countries around the world in July. In this application no blocking and filtering option available like other apps WhatsApp, facebook, and hike.

#how to download Sarahah Messaging App

You can download this app from the Google Play Store. After downloading, you have to register yourself here. Then you share your appreciated identity on any social platform like Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat.Any person can message to you and You can not reply to any message. However, the company says that he is also working on this feature.

#Why launched Sarahah Messaging App

According to the app’s website, “The aim of this app is to strengthen your strengths and weaknesses through an honest feedback”, this feedback can be given to your colleagues, your friends, or your well wishers.

Saudi Arabian web developer Jane Al-Abedin Tawfik, 29, made this app. Behind this app, the boss or senior had to give their opinions without any hesitation by any employee. He told about that the motive behind of this app is you can say to any person what you can not say in front of them because it can happen that he does not like to hear what you are saying.

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