How To Speed up Safari In iPhone & iPad


Is it difficult for you to use Safari on iPhone? One of the reasons for the slow speed of net browsing on Safari is that your Wi-Fi may also be slow. But if such an experience is happening on one device but not on every device, there may be other reasons behind this. You can try some tips to speed up your browser speed.

Turn off tabs :

Safari is very easy to open several tabs together. In this, a new tab opens for every single story. But hardly anyone would close the tab after this. In this way, several tabs are open together in Safari. If your browser is slow, one of the reasons may be this too. To fix this, tap the tab button long and tap on the close all.

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Clear History, Cookies and Data Clear :

Safari may have worked a bit better even though this step. But it also requires you to type in the same URL again. By clearing the data, the browser will not url you. For this, you have to go to Safari in Settings and tap on Clear History and Website Data. This will delete cookies with your browser history. This will not affect your bookmarks.

Make Background Proceed to Disable:

1- For Safari’s low speed, not only the browser but the background process can also be a reason. If your iPhone is downloading updates and refreshing the app in the background, then it may have an impact on the performance.

2- Tap the General in Settings to disable Background Ape refresh. Turn off the background app refresh in it.

3- If you feel like you are refreshing in an app background, you can also disable it separately.
4- To disable automatic downloads, go to iTunes and App Store to go to settings and turn off automatic downloads.

Reset network settings:

When you do not have any effect after doing all the settings, you can try to reset the network connection. You have to connect to a Wi-Fi network for this. Go to General in settings. Tap on the reset to the bottom in General. Tap on Reset Network Settings on Reset Page.

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