Telecom Price War Started by Jio Will End Soon


Hello friends we all know about that whats going on telecom industry. A telecom price war strted Since the entry of reliance in the telecom sector, the tremendous price hike has started. Companies have a cheaper data and free calls. Although S & P Global Ratings assumes, it will not be able to do so much longer. That means after one time all companies will increase their rates. According to Ashutosh Sharma, credit analyst of S & P Global Ratings, Geo has captured 10 per cent of India’s Subscriber base through heavy discounts, but this discount can not always be maintained.

Telecom Price war End Soon

It has been reported in this report that these discounts are in its final stages and within the next 12 to 18 months, the company will look into earnings. After the entry of Reliance Jio, it is feared that in the financial year 2018, the telecom industry’s earnings may fall by 5 to 10 per cent.

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Still Not Access Internet :

Meanwhile, another disclosure has revealed that there has been a huge increase in mobile data usage in India in the last 8 months. In spite of this, 56 percent of smartphone users do not have internet facility. This is true in the report of True Balance Mobile App.

It has been said that data connectivity in India is still very bad due to which users can not access the internet. Alex Suh, General Director of Data Analysis of True Balance, said, “We have seen that internet connection in India is quite poor and users have to face many problems in network coverage (according to the location). Despite this, despite the increase of mobile data usage, users are still unable to use the internet. “

Data connectivity has improved significantly this year compared to last year. However, there is still the possibility of finding the main reason for bad network and connectivity, so that it can be improved further. It was reported in the report that due to the price war of telecom operators, there has been an increase of 4x in mobile data usage in India in the last 8 months. Companies have launched several plans which are offering more data at lower prices.

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