Google I/O 2017: The Best Five Big Announcements


Google CEO Sundar Pichai made several announcements at the company’s annual I / O developers conference. Google Photos, Google lenses and YouTube’s new features were added. Learn what key announcements have been made in this conference:

Google Assistant on iOS
Google Assistant will now also be available for iOS users. With this you will not be able to replace the serie but it will be used as a secondary assistant.

Google Photos Updates
Google Photos has become more smart now. This will not only remove the bloop photo itself but will also suggest which photos should be shared. You can share the library with friends and save your photos in their library too.

Google lens
Google lens is a Vision based service that can identify objects. If you want to identify something then the camera of the smartphone will have to be on its side. The Google lens will scan it and recognize it automatically.
Vision Based Computing Capabilities
If there is a Google lens in the smartphone, then it will connect automatically on the Wi-Fi code when it moves the camera.

Google Assistant Interface
Now you can also type in Google Assistant. The inputs from Google lenses can also be feeds in it.

Cloud TPU
It helps in machine learning in Google’s data sensors. Google will provide AI capability for cloud clients. Google is trying to bring all its AI service to a platform.

Smart Reply to Gmail
Now ‘Smart Reply’ option is available on Gmail. It will be getting updates in the next few days. Initially the smart reply feature will be available in English and Spanish.

Google Home Updates
Hands free calling can now be done through this. It will now also support Bluetooth, which will allow audio and audio to be connected by connecting Android and iOS Devices.

Daydream VR
Tracking capability in VR platform is better and it is much better for newer smartphones like the Samsung S8.

Google for Jobs
This will make it easier for people to search jobs. Google has partnered with some other companies including Linkedin, Monster and Career Builder for this.

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