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Titanium Backup is a wonderful medium for backing up your phone. It is a great rooted app for smartphones powered by Android. Titanium Backup allows you to create the backups of all your data and applications. It is extremely helpful if you want to do a factory reset, or when you have to restore the apps of your all after installing new custom ROM. Titanium backup pro apk has ample of features that make it a favorite among Android users. The paid version of the app is much better. It lets you perform actions on multiple applications instead of having to restore data backups on every single app.

Titanium Backup | Titanium Backup Root

Rooting your smartphone simply means adapting your device so that apps can have root access to the Android OS. Titanium Backup APP requires root access in order to backup every aspect of the system effectively. If Titanium Backup didn’t have root access it wouldn’t be able to access files of the systems to backup data and it wouldn’t be able to access restricted apps in order to copy itself and the data for backup.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk | Titanium Backup Pro Apk Download

If you perform titanium backup pro apk download, it helps to back-up all of your phone’s data, app data, as well as SD card data. It can restore system apps and drag them to your SD card in order to save space. The only things to worry about is that Titanium Backup Root does not perform anything on a standard Android smartphone without a root. It goes to act quickly and takes a few minutes to restore your entire phone during testing, and it is impressive. The Pro version of the app is where most of its advanced features come into play, though. If a user upgrades, he can do multiple back-ups for every app as well as schedule as many backups as he wants. The Titanium backup pro allows you to sync your data backup with online storage as well, like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, even though you’d expect this to be standard in any backup app.

The free version of titanium backup pro apk cracked is not a bad application by any means; you are just possibly better off going all-in-on the application and purchasing the premium full version. It is fairly priced and has a multitude of advanced features which will be loved by the rooted users.

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