Top 10 New Android Games From August 2017


Android gaming is showing signs of improvement consistently it appears and there is dependably a large number of new titles coming to Google Play. Regardless of whether you’re an easygoing gamer or you need something with a beat more meat on its bones, there’s generally a diversion turning out to suit everybody’s taste. How about we investigate the top 10 Android games from the most recent month august 2017.

Top 10 New Android Games Aug 2017

Adventure Time Run

Adventure Time Run is the most recent Adventure Time amusement. It’s additionally an endless sprinter in the event that the title didn’t give it away. You’ll gather a pack of characters and gone through a cluster of levels. The mechanics change marginally relying upon the level. That helps keep the amusement feeling fresher for more. You can likewise level up characters, check online pioneer sheets, and find different fortune. It’s a free diversion completely, however it’s still pretty fun.

Combat Squad

Combat Squad is another, online FPS diversion. It’s about on a par with a youthful portable FPS amusement can be. Its trademark highlights incorporate online multiplayer. Players can do one versus one, five versus five, and browse seven multiplayer diversion sorts. The illustrations are Unreal Engine 4 and it has different highlights too. It’s not all that terrible. Be that as it may, it’s certainly not exactly where Critical Ops or Modern Combat are yet. FPS fans ought to have the capacity to appreciate this for a little time in any event

Framed 2

Framed 2 is the following title in one of the better bewilder amusements in late memory. Every scene in the amusement is appeared in an assortment of boards. You will likely mastermind the boards to change the result of the story. There is a noir topic, basic illustrations, and a fun introduce. It additionally has a story line for players to finish. It’s an incredible play. Nonetheless, it is experiencing some framerate bugs. That’ll likely get settled in a future refresh.

Kraken Land

Kraken Land is another sprinter and platformer. It highlights retro style 3D illustrations and a simple introduce. You’ll gone through a group of various levels while conquering a cluster of various snags. You can likewise wipe out foes, utilize different articles, and significantly more. It additionally incorporates a ton of the regular sprinter stuff like catalysts, leader boards, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a free plat-former and it plays like one. Nonetheless, it can be a good time for a bit.


Pianista is not quite the same as most beat amusements. They by and large run with high vitality pop, electronica, and comparative music. This breaks form and runs with established music. It offers an assortment of tunes from an assortment of arrangers. The tunes get more troublesome as you advance. It additionally includes a 50-arrange crusade mode. Despite everything it needs a tad bit of work. The planning technician could be somewhat better too. All things considered, it’s not awful.

Tales of the Rays

Tales of the Rays is another portable RPG. It takes after the pattern of RPGs themed from famous comfort establishments and anime. It highlights activity RPG components. You’ll additionally investigate prisons, gather plunder, and watch story line cut scenes. It has freemium components also. You’ll gather characters and there’s a jewel framework. Bandai-Namco claims this is a comfort level RPG. They’re lying, however the amusement is useful for what it is.


Titanfall: Assault is the most recent diversion in the FPS establishment. Shockingly, this one isn’t a first-individual shooter. This one is a constant procedure diversion. It incorporates card gathering mechanics, live battle with online adversaries, and that’s just the beginning. There are additionally social highlights like organizations. You’ll get cards that you use in battle to give you leeway. You can presumably as of now observe where the free part can get a bit of irritating. The battle mechanics are more intriguing than most amusements in this space, however.


Voletarium: Sky Explorers is another experience diversion. Two characters need to realize what happened to their progenitors. In this manner, they fabricate flying machines to discover them. Your objective will be to fly around, gather different machine parts, and manufacture your own particular flying machine. There is really a genuine form of this in Europa Park in Germany. The individuals who influence it out there can attempt to a VR encounter also. It’s a slick minimal amusement that doesn’t cost a great deal to play.

What Hadjane Says Goes

What Hadjane Says Goes is another RPG style diversion from Kemco. You play as Hadjane, ruler of the black market. Tragically, your cronies are defying you. You will probably stop them. It includes a huge amount of levels, a making framework, level deterrents to make things harder, and even accomplishments. There are additionally cloud spares. Each level gets continuously troublesome with all the more awful folks. You can get the amusement for nothing or pay $4.99. The two variants have in-application buys.

What’s Up Snoopy

What’s Up Snoopy is another diversion from Cartoon Network. It highlights ten smaller than normal diversions with different characters from the Peanuts comic. None of the recreations are especially hard to play. You at first play in Story Mode. That gives you coins to open diversions in arcade mode. The diversion is absolutely allowed to download with no in-application buys. Grown-ups can most likely beat this amusement in two or three hours. It’s brilliant for kids, however.

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