Top 10 Free Best Android Games 2016


Android Gaming platform is going higher and much better every day . Every day new game titles come on Google playstore. where a gamer can receive details about the specific game’s with download option. Today I am going to tell you about Top 10 best android games which is as follow…

                                             Top Best Android Games

1.  Pokemon Go The cultural phenomenon of the year goes to be in this list. Pokemon move has already captured the hearts of tens of millions round the arena. For those of you who’ve been living off the grid for the last month, Pokemon go is an augmented truth, place-based totally sport. You acquire Pokemon by way of going places, take Gyms in diverse regions, and hit up Poke-stops to acquire objects. It’s gotten greater humans out of doors than house fires and fitness warnings mixed and it’s truly really worth a shot.

android best game 

2. Borderlands 2 : Borderlands 2 launch for android in previous month.It have to be stated that it become launched totally for Android television and the Nvidia guard Console. in this port, you’ll get the traditional Borderlands 2 experience in every way and the port is fairly faithful. On top of the everyday game, this port also consists of new characters, new training, new areas to explore, and greater extra content. its price tag is $14.99.

android best games 

3. Blue Angels Aerobatic SIMBlue Angels – Aerobatic SIM is a flight simulator this is formally certified through the us navy. In this one, you’ll get to pilot a Blue Angel and engage with all of the aerobatics, stunts, and flying that you would see at some point of an airshow. It capabilities a variety of game modes, along with an Airshow mode in which you carry out stunts and Additive Mode wherein you can create your personal scenarios. You get a score based totally on how accurate your flying is and it also capabilities quite decent pictures. It’s free with in-app purchases.

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4. CSR Racing : CSR Racing 2 is an awaited sequel to the intensely popular CSR Racing. on this sport, you’ll be drag racing excessive give up motors towards AI fighters to be able to prove which you’re the best. the game has excellent pics, simple controls, and a ton of missions and quests so that it will undergo. It additionally functions heaps of actual motors that you could buy. there’s an online element in which you race others to earn rewards. It’s a free sport thru and thru, but it’s now not a bad way to spend a couple of minutes if you have time to kill.

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5. Fear the Walking Dead : Dead Run :Fear the walking Dead: lifeless Run is a unique runner in which you need to survive hoards of zombies and live alive. the sport’s declare to fame is the capacity to play via numerous eventualities from the tv series to look in case you’d continue to exist them. It provides to the disturbing environment through the use of silhouetted pix. You’ll have over 50 weapons to pick from and you’ll be able to play as a variety of characters from the show. It’s not anything groundbreaking, however it is quite a laugh.

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6. Rooms Of Doom: Minion Madness : Rooms of Doom – Minion madness is the modern game out of the identical studio that made Crossy street. This one is an adorable facet-scrolling platform where you help animals defeat the aptly named Dr. Doom. It functions the identical sorts of snap shots from prior Yodo1 video games titles and the controls are smooth enough to examine. It functions 12 rooms that you’ll be jumping and transferring thru at the side of 25 minion hybrids that you could play with. It’s family pleasant and hard to complete which makes it a high-quality game to strive.

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7. Suicide SquadSuicide Squad: unique Ops is a fighting game  where  you’ll be able to play as your favourite member of the Suicide Squad. It uses a unique first-individual perspective and you’ll be strolling round and the use of your special powers to defeat lots of horrific guys. Your aim may be to live to tell the tale wave after wave of awful men, discover the city to find loot, and more. There also are leader-boards to track your progress and the pics are quite decent. It’s a a laugh little time killer although it is a free game.Android best game

8. Titan QuestTitan Quest subsequently made its way to Android this last month. It’s a faithfully made port via DotEmu, a business enterprise that has a history doing excellent ports of conventional laptop games. the game is an action RPG where you create a character and discover many historically huge regions everywhere in the world. It consists of many distinctive creatures, gadgets, and character capabilities that provide up a ton of gameplay and lots of character customization alternatives. perhaps great of all, it’s one of just a few movement RPGs that capabilities no in-app best game Titan quest

9. Final Fantisy V II After months of waiting, final fantisy VII eventually saw its professional Android release this month. the sport stays untouched from previous releases and all of the game play elements, story line, or even pix are pretty a whole lot similar to they had been earlier than. It’s a as an alternative big recreation and will require 4GB of space to get it up and jogging. it is also some additional options that help you play via the game quicker. The fee tag is hefty, however there are no in-app purchases.

best android games final Fantasy VII

10. Final Fantasy VIIFinal fantasy brave Exvius is a latest free game of month. This one turned into advanced by way of Gumi, makers of brave Frontier and you could see the similarities in game play. You’ll play as  characters who’re trying to forestall a madman from destroying all of the crystals. You’ll be joined through “memory” spirits of very last myth’s past to do war. It’s complete of very last fable fan carrier, but fortunately the mechanics aren’t half terrible. It’s really worth selecting up if you’re keen on the collection.fantasy best android game


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