Top 10 Things You Should Never Do While Charging Your Smartphone


All smartphones have an expiry date of the battery. Smartphone’s life also depends on their batteries. Smartphone’s use enhances its battery life. Charging more for a smartphone can also have a bad effect on the phone’s battery. If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, then there are some things to keep in mind. Here we will tell you what things should be taken while charging a smartphone.

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1. Always charge the smartphone with your charger

Many times when the charger is lost or lost at home, you have charged your smartphone with the charger of any other smartphone. But do you know that it can have an impact on your smartphone’s battery. The case of battery damage or fire occurs because of this. The smartphone should always be charged with the same charger that is mixed with it. If you do not get the original charge then be aware that the charger you are using, its output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) match match the charger that comes with your phone.

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2. Avoid using cheap chargers

Never charge a smartphone with a cheap charger or a phone’s local charger. There is no safety system to protect against over charging. Such chargers can damage the battery and phone.

3. Remove the protective cover of the phone while charging

Try to remove the protective case of the phone while charging the smartphone. Keep in mind that it is natural to have a bit of battery heating at the time of charging but if the cover is covered on the phone then it can be too hot.Remove the active cover of the phone

4. Fast charger use is not always right

Do not always use Fast Charger while charging a smartphone It’s not okay for a smartphone’s battery. High voltage is sent in the phone’s battery at the time of fast charging, which increases the speed of the phone immediately. If your smartphone has a normal charging option in the settings of your smartphone, then select it. Apart from this, you can also use a company-made regular charger.

5. Do not charge the smartphone Overnight

Many times, users leave their smartphones for charging overnight, which can quickly eliminate the smartphone’s battery. Many smartphones have an auto power cut option, meaning that the battery automatically stops charging more when the battery is charging. It’s also not good to charge a smartphone more.Do not leave smartphones overnight

6. Do not Use Third Party Battery Apps

Do not use a third-party battery app to charge a smartphone. These apps constantly run in the background, which has a bad effect on the battery. Along with this, these apps stop other apps.

7. Charge the battery of your smartphone at least 80%

Charge the battery of your smartphone at least 80%. Smartphones should avoid even less charging. Also, it is not necessary that you charge up to 100% only. This makes the battery run long.Do not charge again and again

8. Avoid charging the phone repeatedly

Smartphones should not be charged repeatedly. Do not charge until the phone’s battery is up to 20 percent. Without the mean and repeated charge, the overall life of the battery diminishes.

9. Always buy a Power Bank of the branded company

If you use Power Bank to charge a smartphone, then try the Power Bank brand company. There is no change in the voltage in the power bank, short circuits, and no over current or over charging. The power bank that has these features will run longer and will keep the phone safe. Avoid buying any Power Bank

10. Do not use smartphones while charging

Phone should not be used during charging. This is because the temperature of the smartphone increases during use. This can have a bad effect on the performance of the smartphone as well as the battery.

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