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Hello friend’s today I am going to tell you about  App lock. Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating System. It comes with lots of best features making it one of the most loved operating structures ever.However, safety of the smartphone is one element where Android lags behind its competitors. Even though Android phones come built in with simple security alternatives and allows the person to add a password to lock your phone, but it lacks a whole lot of advanced ones.

One thing that every smartphone user need is a right way to protect their file, images and videos through password defensive and number of their apps. Many user’s use their Android phones for touchy works and for that reason it becomes important to secure the records stored in the app from falling into wrong hands. also, at times we need to cover our photographs and messages in order that no one else could see them.

So , here I am going to tell you about Top 5 free app lock for Android which allow you to secure your important data.

Android App Lock and its features

1. App Lock : app lockApp Lock is one of the most popular App lockers for Android having a user base of over 100 million and supports over 24 languages. as the call shows, App Lock gives an easy and on hand manner for the customers to lock any of their preferred app.

it can lock SMS, Gmail, Gallery, Settings and even Calls app and other installed apps in android device. It comes with best function of hiding photographs and videos, consequently offering more than one features proper at one spot.

once installed app asks the person to set a pass code lock together with a recovery email address. So in case the person forgets the password, it is able to be easily reset the use of the recovery e- mail address.

2. Smart App Lockapp locker


Smart AppLock is one of the most advance app locker and is derived with some surely smart features. The user’s can lock their favored apps both through the use of a password (PIN/phrases) or can use a pattern.

One of the most distinguishing characteristic of this app is its potential to take a photo of the person trying to unlock your device(after more than one failed attempts to release) and send it to a pre-described e mail id (requested at the time of installation)

Moreover, it is able to be customized to reveal a fake compelled near popup rather than lock display, such that the man or woman using your cellphone gets an affect that the app has crashed and gained’t be able to recognize that the app is locked.

3. Apps Lock & Gallery Hide :app lock

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider is an another app in the listing which comes with some extraordinary capabilities. it may password protect almost any app to your smartphone which includes Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Dialer and so on.

One of the important feature of this app is to password protection which includes Uninstall, Settings, device manager, forced stop, SD card, Incoming calls and e.t.c for this reason presenting a entire security solution for your device.

4LEO Privacy Guard app lock

LEO privacy Guard is one of the maximum downloaded and trusted private protection tool for Android. It comes with lots of latest and improved functions which distinguish it from different app lockers.One of the best feature is the capacity to automatically lock or free up the selected apps through preferred time and location. So, you may configure the app to routinely release your mail purchaser once you are at your workplace and lock it as soon as your place changes.

5. Smart AppLock 2 : app lock

smart AppLock 2 is one of the maximum broadly used App locker for Android. Justifying its call, the smart AppLock does the paintings of protecting your apps very well.

it is able to without problems lock apps containing private content, along with your snap shots, movies(Gallery), SMS, name logs and so on, Also, it is able to be used to fasten incoming calls, Wifi and Bluetooth toggle switch and much extra. user’s can also lock system settings, putting in and uninstall of apps to maintain phone away from being tousled by means of others or youngsters.

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