Torrent Shut Down Site Torrentz Back Now , Really its a true news a torrent search engine torrentz come back in the Internet world . After kickass , Extratorrent shut down permanently on 17th of may 2017 and every body think torrent world has been destroy or ended permanently .

Though the torrentz site doesn’t host files itself, it acts as a platform to fetch and display all the available torrents on the web since 15 July 2003 .

Torrentz Back Now See In This Img

If You have any confusion you can see the img which is clearly differentiate the previous Torrentz domain and the new Torrentz domain . At the bottom of the post we have provided you the specific url bywhom you can easily open the website .Torrentz Back Now

The largest torrent meta-search engine silently shut down it’s service on Aug 5th, 2016. Just after 4 days later the incident occurred, they are back with a clone on a new domain , Torrentz Back Now with 60 % of data

The main thing is that you will again receive torrent like movies , software’s , mobile app and games from this specific Platform

  • was without a doubt the greatest torrent search engine that there ever was. could simply be a ploy to just cash in on the name of the original and serve ads to people under cover.


  • It could be a site by cyber criminals aiming to steal user details, and then using them for nefarious acts.


  • You know, it’s just a clone. It won’t get fresh torrents, similar to what we saw with the KAT clone. A torrent search engine without fresh search results is just meh!


  • Great torrent sites are or become great because they have a great community. Clones don’t have the community thing going for them. If you really want to use torrents, why not use some genuine, other site. It may be a new site, may not have a great database but you can be part of the community and make it grow.


  • Last but not the least, don’t steal. Okay downloading films may not be something similar to stealing cars but it is not nice. You know, people behind a film spend a lot of money, energy and time to make something. Why take that away from them by downloading something off the net, for free ?
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One Comment

  1. mayank

    June 24, 2017 at 8:15 am

    its a good news now we are able to download required useful software


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