How To Transfer Contact List From Iphone To Android


Hello friends Today we are going to tell you about how to transfer contact list from Iphone to android or android to Iphone .The biggest problem after buying a new phone is to transfer the old phone’s contacts to a new phone, although there is no problem in transferring from Android phones to and from iPhone to iPhone. On the other hand, it is difficult to transfer contacts from Android to Android. So let’s say today we tell you the trick to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

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How To Transfer Contact List From Iphone To Android

There are two ways for this. The first way to transfer with the help of i Cloud and the other to transfer via iTunes. Firstly I know how to transfer contacts from the cloud.

Open the contact, calendar in the mail in the iPhone’s Settings menu. Select the account now and select iCloud from the list. Now turn on the contact from the list of the iCloud.

After you turn on the contact, you will now have a merge option. Select this and process it further. Now login to on the desktop.

After logging in, open the contact and then click on the wheel icon. Now select the export vCard and save it on your desktop and then transfer it to the phone from the data cable.

Connect the iPhone to the desktop and open iTune. Now click on the iPhone showing in the left corner on iTunes. Now open the INFO tab and sync the contact list.

Now select Google contact from the drop-down list and fill out Gmail details. Now open your Android phone and login with Gmail. All contacts will be found in the phone.

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