Users Worried About Privacy Free to Leave Facebook , WhatsApp


Hello viewer’s it’s very important news to all of you which is I am going to share with you in this article. Are you remember when Facebook purchased Whats app it’s provide a facility of end to end encryption, But now Facebook is going to change in whatsApp privacy and policy for the user’s. Now Facebook told they will share whatsApp personal data on facebbok . For users using Instant Messaging What’sApp, a statement from Facebook has been given to the Supreme Court. Facebook has said that users who have trouble with Facebook and WhatsApp’s new privacy policy can leave it. Let us know that Facebook is a company owned by What’sapp. Whatsapp Council Kapil Sibal has assured the court that the users’ chats and voice calls are encrypted. They can not be read by third parties. At the same time, he has also stated that the contract between the user and the WHATSAPP is done in the private domain and due to this constitutionally this policy can not be tested by the Supreme Court.

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Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the bench of five judges, headed by Justice Deepak Mishra, “We are bringing regulatory arrangements of new data protection. The freedom to choose will be protected and there is no doubt about it “. Let me tell you that the next hearing of this case will be on May 15.

What is the whole matter?

In the beginning of 2016, the company introduced end-to-end encryption, in which the user could not read personal chat for a third party. But in late 2016, Facebook talked about sharing personal information of WhatsApp users on Facebook. Behind this step, the company believes that it will give users more targeted advertising and better friend consolidation through Facebook. However, these eds will not appear on WhatsApp on Facebook. Whatsapp said of the number of users sharing shares on Facebook. But with this swiping, things like your profile photo, states, contact details, personal mail id, contact list, browser details, hardware number and details can be shared with Facebook.

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