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Whatsapp Lock : Whatsapp is one of the most widely used applications in the world. You can stay connected with your family and friends with just a click of a button. Whether they are living in different cities or nation, you will not face any problem in connecting to them. Whatsapp has become an inevitable part of our lives. It is because of this application we can share important documents, media like photos, videos and voice clips.

Since the time Facebook has taken over WhatsApp, many features have also been added to the app. Maintaining the privacy of the application is way too important. For this, you may refer to WhatsApp lock.

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Whatsapp Lock | WhatsApp privacy   

To maintain the privacy of the chat, many applications have been built wich safeguard your WhatsApp. These applications are built both for android as well as IOS.  Some of the common applications are as follows:

  • Lock for Whatsapp Messenger
  • Lock for apps(Whatsapp Lock)
  • Messenger and App Lock
  • Whatsapp lock etc.

WhatsApp Lock Download Apk

The WhatsApp lock is a reliable application which helps people to safeguard your chat.  It is a better way to protect your WhatsApp from any of the unwanted piracy acts. To download the application, you can take help of the play store. The WhatsApp lock can also be downloaded on your PC.

How to lock WhatsApp chat

The steps to download and use WhatsApp lock are as follows:

  • Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • Download the WhatsApp lock apk
  • Install the application on your mobile and verify the necessary details.
  • After that open your messaging application.
  • Click on the three dots that appear on the top.
  • Click on lock WhatsApp

 Whatsapp lock is a great medium to hide or lock your private information. So next time when you face any privacy issues, you should download the application.

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