WhatsApp’s craze is not hidden from anyone. But there are some such features which have become a problem for the people. Since the launch of this, the users have to be parish or sometimes due to them. Maybe you’re also upset due to these features. Let’s know about these whatsapp new update version problem, Some of them are new features and some old ones.

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Whatsapp New Update Version Problems

1. Last Seen and Blue Tick

These are old features of WhatsApp. But they have kept the users in their nose. Even if you do not want to reply to anyone, you can not escape due to these two features. If you say that you do not come online on WhatsApp then the last scene will open your pole and if you say that the message is not seen then Blue Tick. However, they have given the option to hide the WhatsApp. But after that you can not even see its last scene or blue tick. Now either reply or hype the last scene, we have to decide. This was common whatsapp new update version problem.

2. Anybody can make a tax in the group

This feature of WhatsApp is also wired by WhatsApp users. Any group creates and add anyone into group. Because of this, users have to worry. There is talk of such a feature in WhatsApp long time that you will be asked for a permit if you want to be add in the group or not. Although users now have the option to exit from the group, but friends get annoyed with exit. This was the most common whatsapp new update version problem.

3. What to put in Video / Photo Status

WhatsApp launched a new Status feature in February, which can include photos, videos and GIF in the status. There is no problem with this but these status is automatically removed in 24 hours. So few users use this feature. Users also have a tendency to update their status by looking at the status of others and they think what to put in repeatedly

4. Spam and enthralling messages coming to the group

This is also an unwanted feature of WhatsApp. In the group, often such links are sent, from which to become millionaires are messages to be fulfilled. Clicking on these may cause viruses to be installed on your phone. Messages continue to mute even after group mute. The group should also have block option. So that you can get rid of such messages of the group as long as possible.

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