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Now a days whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app. Today we are going to tell you one secret whatsapp tricks which is very funny for you. If you want to test your friends too, then let us tell you a way today. Well on Facebook, many people make fun of people like Angel Priya, but today we will tell you how to send a message without giving the phone to WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp Tricks With Primo App

First download the Primo app in the Google Play Store from the phone. Now install the app and sign up for it. In this you will be asked for mobile number. Now you will get a 6 digit code on the number.
After entering the code, a window will open where you must sign in with your name, user name and email id. After this there will be verification code on e-mail. Verification by clicking on the link found on e-mail.

Whatsapp Tricks For Verification & Activation 

whatsapp primo

After Verification, you will reach the app itself. Now go to the profile and tap Primo Your US Number and click on the Free Trial. Now you will find a new number below Primo Your US Number which you can use on WhatsApp.
Now create a new account on WhatsApp from this number and select Call Me option for verification. After this, you will get a new verification code from the call, which will verify your account.
After this, create a new account with the name and profile picture you want. Now message to anyone you want, your number will not be show. Anyone you message from this number will receive a message from the new number.

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