Whatsapp Video Call Record Easily On Android And iPhone


Hello friends Now a days Facebook and whatsapp are two most popular platform for chat with your friends and relative, Now we are going to tell you how whatsapp video call record easily .

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WhatsApp video call is extremely popular nowadays. According to WhatsApp data, more than 10 million people are using WhatsApp video calling. Facebook video calling is not so popular, but people still use it. In both apps, the company has not given the feature of video call recording. But there are two ways with which you can record whatsapp video calls. In this article we are telling about it.

Whatsapp Video Call Record App

AZ Screen Recorder

This list includes another great app and this is AZ Screen Recorder. This app is perfect for recording your phone’s screen. This app can be used to record video calls with Facebook and WhatsApp or any other app besides. This app is also free. This is also available on the Play Store.

DU recorder

It’s a great screen recorder and video editor. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app is very easy to use, it can be accessed through the floating icon on the screen. As soon as you tap on the icon, many more features come in front of you. It also records the sound in the screen recording. With this great DU recorder you can record whatever you want on your phone, it can also be used for video call records.

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