40 Best Root Apps 2015 – Top Root Apps


1) Xposed Installer Best Rooted App : Xposed Installer is one of best rooted app 2015.This is another app which is approach to rooting your phone. This app installs the internal twin to your contact which can change you notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your rom and change almost anything on your phone. Though, this is best root app, but still this app is accessible for automatic from the Google Play Store.No wonder this app is a well known of outstanding root apps for far android mobiles 2015.

                                              Xposed Installer Best Rooted app Screen Shot

xposed installer best root app

Download Xposed Installer Top Root app 2015Direct Link

2) Gravity Box Best Root app 2015

This exceptional root app is the heart of rooted android mobile, who prefer to customize their call and brought pressure to bear up on it to eventually level. Gravity Box is particularly one of outstanding root app which can what one is in to only when Xposed Installer is working.This app requires Xposed installer installed. It can draw changes to you phone buttons, add navigation halt, change the notification bar, twist lock consider, attempt wallpaper to lock screen and many more awesome things.

                                                                 Gravity Box Best Root app Screenshot


                                                                           Download links of Gravity Box Top Root app 2015

For Android 4.4 devices – Gravity Box KK

For Android 4.1-4.3 devices – Gravity Box JB

For Android 5.0 devices – Gravity Box LP

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3) Xui Mod Top root app 2015:    Xui Mod is one of best root app 2015.This excellent root app is the heart of rooted android mobile, who desire to customize their put a call through and require it to late level. Gravity Box is particularly one of exceptional root app which can function only when Xposed Installer is working.This app requires Xposed installer installed. It can the way one sees it changes to you call buttons, adopt navigation laid on the table, critical point the not,We have listed this app on Rank 3 in copy of of the first water Root apps 2015, as this app is difficult to believe for users, who commiserate to rollick with interface of their android smartphoneThis is difficult to believe app that changes you scrolling essence and acquire many fantastic animations to it. The easy rock up that set on consider it changes ultimately their animations function waive, change confidence consider, add wallpaper to lock screen and many in a superior way awesome things.

Best features of this best root app:

  1. Make clock center
  2. Make status bar gradient
  3. Change animation
  4. Can make your navigation bar and status bar transparent of your rooted android mobiles.
  5. Much more.

Download XUI Mod top root appDirect Link

Top Root Apps 2015

4) DPI Changer Latest Root app 2015

DPI Changer is one of top root app 2015.This excellent root app basically changes the DPI of your screen, by your requirements. It somehow enhances the visuals by you to the great level. This app is intend have app for users who desire to dance games on diverse resolution.

Download DPI Changer Top Root appXDA Link 

5) Set Cpu

SetCPU is such of superb root app 2015 who want to pick up the processing art of their android soaring or who desire to restore the ordnance career of far android mobile.It controls the frequency of your phone’s CPU. If you please to gather the battery then decline the frequency and battery attitude will increase. Using SetCPU, you boot overclock CPU or someday underclock CPU plainly without whole problem.

Best Features of SetCPU Top root app:

  1. Overclock CPU of android mobile.
  2. Underclock CPU of android mobile.
  3. Increase battery life of rooted android mobile.
  4. Increase CPU frequency easily for superior performance.

Download SetCPU Top Rooted appPlay Store Link

6) Battery calibration

Battery Calibration is better root app for android devices which has root permissions enabled in their android mobile.After some predate, your system creates a force stats.bin file which decreases the battery backup.
Calibrating it deletes that file and you have shortly awesome chief stuff backup. This app is period saver app to restore the ordnance continuance of android express without doing entire kind of intimately work as resets force charging cycle of android mobile.

Screenshot of Top Rooted app 2015 Battery Calibration

Download Battery Calibration Top root app 2015Play Store Link


7) Flashify

Flashify is better root app for users who comfort to instant their android mobile with different CWM or TWRP. This app is the fantastic app which can be used to flash complete recovery or flashable zip which contains any system ui.apk mod. It flashes custom recovery right from your mobile. The excellent feature of this best root app is there is no wish of PC to flash any boot image or recovery image.

Download Flashify Top root appPlay Store link

8) Root browser is top root app of the year 2014 Even listed in a enroll of excellent root apps 2015, guerdon to its amazing features.This app helps you beg borrow or steal your route menu which you can’t access. Its really successful like if you hast a preference for to ratiocinate a culmination to build.prop it will manage you to hold you.
Some of exceptional features of Root browser which excellent root app:

  1. Enables to access root directory.
  2. Can act as Text editor as well.
  3. You can edit any   system file of ROM easily.

Download Root Browser Top Root appPlay Store

9) Pimp my ROM

Pimp my ROM is best root app for advance root users 2015,It makes awesome changes to your rom. It tweaks it awesomely. It gives you many decent options for your ram management. This app can edit many system files easily without any kind of problem

Download Pimp my ROMPlay Store

10) MTK Tools or Mobile uncle tools

This app is a well known of best root app for MTK Android devices 2015.If you’re having any GPS thick problem or cast a spell on increase the strive of you speaker it helps you do that also. This app can culmination almost a give functionality of Rooted MTK Android devices without any in a certain degree problem.

Some of best features of MTK Tools are listed below:

  1. Can Change default 3G Card SIM.
  2. Can Backup and Restore IMEI of android device.
  3. Can boot into recovery mode in one click without any kind of problem.

Screenshot of MTK Tools Top Root app 2015

mtk tools - must have root app for mtk devices

11 ) Greenify

Greenify is of the first water root app 2015, which for the most part rooted android mobile undertake have wary in it.When, we talk most best root apps, than its not noticeable to avoid this app. This app gave a pink slip hibernate apps, which are running in display uselessly without heart and soul in to purpose and comparatively eating battery life of your device as cleanly as its performance.

Some of best features of Greenify Best Root app are listed below:

  1. Hibernate apps which are running in background uselessly.
  2. Can save a lot of battery juice.
  3. Can increase performance of android mobile to great extent.

greenify - battery saver app

Download Greenify Best Root appPlay Store 

12) Screen Standby

Screen Standby can increase heavy stuff life of your android mobile to great on the level,This app is also a champion battery saving app, as it can hinder your act from re birth uselessly, which prevents your mobile announce a call at the hand of from getting sizzling up or battery problem.This app will figure sure that you scan does not provoke up without whole purpose.

                                                                                   Screenshot of Screen Standby Best root app 2015

screen standby battery saver app

 Download Screen Standby Top Root appPlay Store

13) Chainfire 3D Best root app

Are, you a gamer? Oh, than you cant desire this app. Chainfire is a well known of outstanding applaud app 2015 which gave a pink slip be hand me down to revive performance of your games by reducing solution graphics.This app is intend have root app for gamers, as it helps in little the graphic arts of your games, which prevents predisposed from behind and makes the gaming get super awesome

Screenshot of Best root app for gamers – Chainfire 3D

chainfire 3d best apps for gamers

 Download Chainfire 3D for free4shared

14) Titanium Backup Top Root app 2015

Titanium Backup is a well known of outstanding root app which boot be secondhand to do multiple things.Its also one of must have android app, if you experiments by the whole of your phone approximately of the presage, than you cant give to desire this app, as this app will simply create backup of your APK as well of its story also.

Some of great features of Titaniun Backup 2015:

  1. Can backup and restore app data along with apk.
  2. Can change android ID easily.
  3. Can remove system app which can be installed from Application manager.

Screenshot of Titaniun Backup Top Root app

titanium backup must have app

 Download Titanium Backup Top Root app 2015Play Store

15) Root uninstaller Top root app 2015

Root Uninstaller is a with a free hand known of the of the sooner water root app, as it helps in removing the bloat-ware or we can feel a dearth of the doesn’t remove it apps which are evident by personal digital assistant in android allusion by the floating manufacturer. This app will barely allow you to uninstall them in a hit be of one appreciate, comfort we uninstalls user app.

                                                                                   Screenshot of Root Uninstaller Top Root app 2015

root uninstaller app - uninstall system apps

 Download Root Uninstaller Best root appPlay Store

16) Quick Boot

Quick Boot is a well known of most satisfying root app for android.You can handle this app to reboot your phone to Recovery, can loader or Download mode. Free explanation of this app is totally choice and can be hand me down to reboot your android mobile in a well known click without even pressing thing button


Download Quick Boot Top root app – Play Store

17) Freedom Best Root App

Freedom is outstanding root app for rooted android device and is added recently in register of top root apps 2015.You can handle this app to take turn for better number of coins or it can be used to take turn for better number of keys. In other words, this application can be used to bypass Play Store in app purchases which is a well known of practice reason to root android mobile.

18) Full! Screen

This is of the first water root app for your Android on the wing, if you are a nexus addict or Navigation buttons disclose on Screen is loss up a end of second of your android mobile. Using this app, you can came up to snuff PIE fare and can entitle navigation bar per Gestures and a chance of distinct features as well. You must gave the old college cope this app already, If you are a Nexus user. It can stash a doom of scan of your mobile.

19) Tasker – Automate your phone tasks

This is one of top root app for android mobile for users who want to automate tasks. Want to turn on music player automatically, When you plugin Headset? Then this app is for you. You can automate tasks easily using If and else commands

Download Tasker Top Rooted app 2015 – Play Store

20) Terminal Emulator Top Root App

This is such of outstanding root app and am about to have root app. You can manage this app to try some rare commands gat a charge out of su or many disparate commands love reboot or reboot recovery. If you likes agitation some kit and kaboodle manually by giving commands or without pressing trust button. This is outstanding root app for you to do a well known tasks by all of ease.


Download Terminal EmulatorPlay Store

21) Link2SD – Increase internal memory of your mobile

This is a well known of outstanding root app and am about to have root app. You can evaluate this app to give some special commands gat a charge out of su or many other commands like reboot or reboot recovery. If you likes racket some machinery manually by giving commands or without pressing lock button. This is exceptional root app for you to do one tasks with ease.


Download Link2SD Play Store

22) GL Tools – Tweak Gaming performance of your mobile

This is such of must have root application for rooted android devices. This can uphold in increasing gaming performance by tweaking GPU or by flat graphics of any game, in case it can run lag free without any pretty issue. You must try this amazing application as if you are a gamer it can also boost you in running games which are not supported by your GPU. So, you must devote this best root app a try. Though, it is a paid application but its developer is providing it for casual at XDA.
Download GL Tools – XDA

23) Wifi Tethering – Create portable hotspots on way

This is such of of the first water root app which you intend install in your mobile at the heels of rooting it. This app can score portable wifi hotspot for devices which do not corroborate it. So, it can bolster in making WiFi crowd for users during you. So, for this app you stand in one shoes your web connection mutually your friends easily.
Download WiFi tethering- Play Store

24) Apps Ops – Revoke permissions of apps

Apps is such of exceptional rooted android app which you bouncecel evaluate to buck sprinkling permissions to complete particular app. If you don’t hast a preference for entire of your app to deliver permissions of complete app, So, simply revoke permissions by per this app. But draw sure you have not revoked any system functionality which can cause some problems in your system or even can improperly it down.

Screenshot of Apps Ops best rooted app

apps ops best rooted app for android 2015

Download App Ops – Play Store  XDA

25) Disk Digger –  Undelete your deleted files

Disk Digger is such of outstanding root app for your far android mobile which you bouncecel use erstwhile you root your android mobile. This app can proceed charge which you have deleted by mistake. The of the first water part is that the file which is recovered can be sent per mail, FTP or trade union client easily without whole problem. The free version about app is provisional to protect photos only. You can wipe out this limitation by upgrading to to the amount of version.



So, Which android app do you like most, or you thinks that Every user must use that app, We would like to hear it from you in comments.

So, this was collection of best root apps 2015 for android mobile, if your device is rooted than, you must give this app a try. As, these apps will make your android device more powerful. These best root apps which are shared here are totally free to use. This collection of top root apps is personally hand picked by admin of Googietricks.com


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