4G LTE Network Pros and Cons | Benefits Drawback & Solution


At present, the 4G LTE is the fastest mobile internet band available in the market. This gives users the advantage of calling and using the internet. 4G LTE gives high speed to your internet. But do you know that as much as 4G LTE is beneficial to you and it is more dangerous .

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4G LTE Network Risk

Researchers from the Unicorn Team of China’s leading security company 360 Technology, showed the potential risk of a risk in the CSFB (Circuit switched fallback) in the 4G LTE network, how hackers use their calls and SMS records without the information of Victim You can. The attack known as “Ghost Telephony” was presented at Hacker Summit Black-hat USA 2017 and DEF Conn in Nevada.

What is CSFB (Circuit Switched Fallback) ?

Generally, users are not familiar with the entire process of internet and telecommunication networks. SFSB is an interim solution for LTE providers, who are relying on 3G or 2G networks to complete the call or send text messages.

When connecting to any network, an authentication code is required to prove the identity of the phone during the entire process, but when a device switches from 4G LTE network to a lower network, no authentication is made. In the absence of authentication, hackers gain access to Victim’s calls and SMS. This process is completed in just 60 seconds.

How does this affect users ?

Most of the online services should thank us for advanced security measures. Before the users are signed or their social media account is signed an authentication code is sent to their phone .

When hackers get access to your calls and sms, they are quite sure to reset their password. Hackers can easily reset your account settings and generate OTP in the phone and easily hack your account.

How to Rescue :

“Unicorn team wireless security researcher Huang Lin said,” We have given information about this weakness to the Global System for Mobile Communications Alliance (GSMA)

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