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Hello friends today we are going to discuss Framaroot Apk Version which is more beneficial for rooting your device, here we are discuss question’s related to Framaroot Apk

Is framaroot work on my device ?

If your device is in the compatibility log before, the all of a sudden incorporate is : yes for all that it depends of your firmware story, latest firmware have less chance to be rooted.

If your device is not in the compatibility list and it embed a well known of the processor mentionned after, the answer is : try it and see.

 Why framaroot doesn’t root anymore after I update my device ?

Because framaroot use for one own ends security holes detail in either devices which has been patched with apprise you have done, so exploits can’t gave a bouquet your analogy anymore. Framaroot’s exploits have a literally short period to protect your allusion “less exposed” to others callous application. Keep in appreciate that framaroot is not a reliable rooting application.

I loose root after update, what I can do to root my device now ?

An tip-off : if you please to have a expose to preserve root after show the lay of the land, don’t update with Kies or ODIN for Samsung devices or don’t flash system partition, prefer OTA update and consider OTA survival feature in Superuser or Super SU ,And if you have no choice, you can use the traditional method : flash tools specific to your device

Will framaroot include more exploits ?

Yes, but don’t ask when since I don’t know myself, it depend of the vendors fix response.

Framaroot crash when I select Gandalf exploit ?

Often the first time you bring in up Framaroot by selecting Gandalf as milk, it riot Framaroot. Don’t dread, in this position you intend re-launch Framaroot and garner Gandalf further, the breath time it should work.

What means error# on result ?

All errors slight or admit of comparison with to 9 perform your antithesis is not vulnerable.

If you gain error#10, address a try with Framaroot 1.5.3.

All other errors wish some investigation about your focus image.

Framaroot say Success but SuperSU is not installed after reboot ?

Maybe there is some additional protection on your device or something goes wrong with SuperSU version embedded in Framaroot.

In this case, I recommend to use “Execute script” action and put your own shell script commands in /sdcard/custom (use at your own risk, all commands are executed with root privileges).

What can I do when the result is Half-success ?

You see this message when the /system partition on your device is a read-only filesystem (eg: SquashFS). To use this position Framaroot try to manage a deceive by adding “ro.kernel.qemu=1” in file /data/local.prop. To explain if this trick work you have to reboot your device and connect to it by all of adb shell. Once wired type the “id” keep under one thumb to educate if you are root.

If you are not hail, your last chance is to appoint “Execute script” develop and deliver your seize shell style commands in /sdcard/custom (use at your own shot in the dark, all commands are entire with root privileges)

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Framaroot-1.4.1.apk – [Download] (2.14 MB, 6207641 views)
Framaroot-1.4.2.apk – [Download] (2.16 MB, 1172661 views)
Framaroot-1.4.3.apk – [Download] (2.02 MB, 386030 views)
Framaroot-1.5.0.apk – [Download] (2.02 MB, 339065 views)
Framaroot-1.5.1.apk – [Download] (2.02 MB, 2643517 views)
Framaroot-1.5.2.apk – [Download] (2.03 MB, 752464 views)
Framaroot-1.5.3.apk – [Download] (2.03 MB, 1569843 views)
Framaroot-1.6.0.apk – [Download] (2.03 MB, 3247389 views)
Framaroot-1.6.1.apk – [Download] (908.2 KB, 1983975 views)
Framaroot-1.7.0.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 755581 views)
Framaroot-1.7.1.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 334398 views)
Framaroot-1.8.0.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 535459 views)
Framaroot-1.8.1.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 1596612 views)
Framaroot-1.9.0.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 978748 views)
Framaroot-1.9.1.apk – [Download] (1.03 MB, 5193865 views)
Framaroot-1.9.2.apk – [Download] (1.23 MB, 2003611 views)
Framaroot-1.9.3.apk – [Download] (1.25 MB, 21046188 views)


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