How To Use Pc Internet In Mobile | Wifi Hotspot Windows 7


The Internet has always made our lives dependent and way too easy. Everything s available at just a click of a button. This is the reason why people surf the internet so much. If you do not have internet on your mobile, you can always use it from your pc. To know how to use pc internet in mobile, read the instructions below:

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  • You can borrow the internet via connecting the phone with USB Go to settings, click on wireless and networks and then enable USB internet.
  • The second method is that you can set up reverse tethering over USB. Install USB driver from Android Connect the USB cable and activate USB tethering. Connect the two network interface. Execute the file.

Usb Tethering windows 10

To use the internet from Windows 10, you can try the method.

  • Right click on the windows-start
  • In the context menu open network connections.
  • Connect the mobile to the pc using USB.
  • In the wireless and network section, enable USB internet.
  • Select Windows 10 and press on next and then done.
  • Check mark Airplane mode and USB internet.
  • Two network connections will appear on the screen.
  • Right click on the properties of the 1st
  • Allow the sharing option. That’s it!

Wifi Hotspot Windows 7

To enable wifi hotspot windows 7, you will need a laptop with built-in wifi capability, mobile with inbuilt wifi capability and a hard-wired Ethernet connection. Read the steps mention below to enable hotspot :

  • Click the wired network connection icon and open network and sharing center.
  • Click on set up a new connection and network. It is available under change your network setting.
  • Select the last option to set up a wireless ad-hoc
  • Give the connection a name, select security type, and It is recommended to opt WPA2 option for security.
  • Click the connection option and you will see the network you just created.
  • Go to network and sharing option and click on change adapter settings.
  • Check mark the 1st allow option and click on ok.
  • Now your pc will turn into a wifi hotspot in no time. Enjoy!

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