Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Tips and Features for Android user’s


Are you a user of a ultra-modern Huawei P9? if you’re setting  your cellular phone for the first time, we recommendation you checking out our 5 things every Huawei P9 owner must do . There’s a piece of overlap, however for this put up we’ve pulled collectively more than 25 special pointers and suggestions which can be used to customize and optimize your revel  with the Huawei P9. Some of them might also appear primary, but we promise that there’s something for anyone.

Huawei P9 complete Over View

The display of Color Temperature :

Huawei p9 & p9 plusIn view that all of us see things a little exclusive, Huawei has chosen to give customers the potential to tweak the colour temperature on the P9. The general public will be quite happy with the out of the box settings, however you can pick out to make the show hotter or cooler in case you word that the tint of the display isn’t always to your liking. Navigate to Settings > Display > color Temperature and you’ll be given Default, warm or cold preset alternatives. you may also select to add unique shade tints to the show using the protected coloration circle adjustment panel.

Addition of Multiple User’s Profile for phone

huawei-p9It’s quite smooth to protect your smartphone with a password or fingerprint, but what in case you want to percentage your tool with others without worrying approximately them having access to all your pictures and bills for all of the apps you have set up? to address that, the Huawei P9 helps Android’s multi-person feature which creates separate person profiles at the phone.

visit Settings > users and also you’ll have the option to create a new consumer profile or a well-known visitor profile for the smartphone. If there’s someone else for your own family that needs to apply the telephone occasionally, a trendy person profile should be used. but we also recommend growing a guest profile simply in case someone asks to borrow your cellphone to make a cellphone name or check something on the web. Unfortunately, the quantity of user profiles allowed is restrained to 4, so that you’ll should assume matters out if you had been hoping to create profiles for each family member.

Turn your cellphone off or on at pre-set times

huawei p9There are plenty of factors you could do to be able to keep battery lifestyles, but we all recognize that turning your phone absolutely off is the excellent manner to conserve precious strength.In case you want to save battery and don’t thoughts being absolutely disconnected, you need to test out the Huawei P9’s integrated scheduler which lets in you to turn the phone off and back on again at a specific time. The alternatives may be located in Settings > smart assistance > schedule strength on and off. The settings additionally consist of repeat alternatives which allow you to personalize the occurrence, with alternatives of as soon as, on weekdays or each day.

This setting may be extremely beneficial for user’s who aren’t capable of use their mobile phones throughout a work shift or for those who need their cellphone become off at night time however still need it to be their alarm clock inside the morning.

Restriction app Background data Utilization

huawei p9There are lot of apps which run in the background on our phones, but from time to time the ones apps pass a bit crazy and use an awesome bite of your month-to-month records allotment with out you knowing. if you want to cut an app off from using history facts, the P9’s got you included. visit Settings > data site visitors control > Networked apps > Advances network control and you’ll to able to set historical past information restrictions for any utility in your cellphone.

maintain in thoughts, slicing an app off from the usage of historical past data will probable limit the app from receiving push notifications. We handiest advise slicing an app off if you recognize that it’s causing troubles.

Personalize App Notification’s:

huawai p9Android’s notification system is quite sturdy, however there are sure times in which notifications can be pretty traumatic. in case you find yourself ignoring or getting aggravated with notifications from sure apps, the Huawei P9 has a putting which can alternate which notifications you see and how they seem. To do that, visit Settings > Notification panel & popularity bar > Notification center and choose which app you’d want to tweak notifications for. You’ll be given the choice to turn off the app’s notifications, set notifications from the app to priority display or tweak how the notification displays at the lock display screen or status bar.

Upload a lock display screen signature in case you lose your phone :

huawei p9Setting up a password, pin or fingerprint to protect your records is notable, however what takes place if a person unearths your smartphone and would like to return it to you? If that man or woman is locked from your phone, the best way they’ll be able to song you down is in case you set up an “If observed” message using the smartphone’s lock screen signature function. right here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. tap screen lock & passwords
  3. tap Lock display screen signature
  4. kind a quick “If observed” message which incorporates an email address or exchange
  5. phone quantity that may be used to touch you
  6. Press store to complete

as soon as the lock screen signature is set up, the message will display at the lock display screen of your phone.

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