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iPhone 7 wireless charging pads are not a new invention at all, but with the company (Apple) finally jumping on the bandwagon with the new arrivals, the entire category has unexpectedly become much more important. While your iPhone will work just fine with the cord charger it comes with, wireless charger pads are great for a nightstand or desk and makes the charging of your phone as simple as putting it down on a flat surface. It is a small change, however one that makes keeping your smartphone powered up an unconscious part of your life.

Apple is keeping it’s the future of wireless dream alive and is finally allowing users charge their iPhone 7 wirelessly. The new iPhone charging pad helps your iPhone 7 to get powered up by cordless. The model supports Qi wireless charging with apple wireless charger.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

How to use iPhone charging pad?

Place the wireless charger on your desk or wherever you like to charge your phone. Then plug it into a power socket. To charge your gadget, just place it on the surface mat, with front facing up. It is quite simple. To get a little bit more technical, iPhone wireless charging pad uses induction, where the electromagnetic field is used for transferring power from the pad to your device. When you place your device on the iPhone 7 wireless charging pad, it receives a signal to basically ‘handshake” with the device. If everything checks out well, charging proceeds.

How does iPhone 7 wireless charging pad work?

Simplify your life with this phone wireless charging pad. This charger pad uses Qi-certified transmitting coils to transfer charge to your phone cordlessly. No need to plug in when it is the time to power up, just put your phone on the charging pad. When the LED indicator lights up, your phone is charging optimally.

With so much added ease and convenience, it is no wonder that iPhone 7 wireless charging is gaining popularity. Inductive power charging, also known as cordless or wireless charging, makes use of electromagnetic fields to power up Apple devices on contact. Just put your phone on the charging pad, power up the charger’s button and Voila! Your phone starts charging.

Compact and travel-friendly design allows the Wireless Charging Pad to fit easily in your pocket or bag. Its small footprint takes up a little space. The elegant design blends of the wireless charger in at home or in the office.

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