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iPhone 8 Review : Are you searching for iPhone 8 Review , then don’t go anywhere and read this article. The iPhone 8 is one of the latest iPhone from Apple and was released simultaneously with the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is the successor of the popular iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. In terms of appearance, the iPhone 8 still looks very much like its predecessor, which is immediately noticeable that the iPhone 8 has a glass back. This allows you to charge the device wireless. In addition, Apple has equipped the iPhone 8 with an improved camera and a powerful A11 Bionic processor. You can read this blog further to know iPhone 8 price in India and other countries .

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iPhone 8 Review And Improvements 

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 is quite similar to the iPhone 7, a number of improvements have been made in technical terms. Below we have listed the most important improvements for you:

  1. Wireless charging

Because the iPhone 8 has a glass back, the device is suitable for wireless charging. You have to charge the device on a special charger, which you have to buy separately. The advantage of wireless charging with the iPhone 8 is that you can simultaneously play music and charge your device through wireless.

  1. Very powerful A 11 Bionic processor

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are equipped with the powerful A11 Bionic processor. The advantage of this improved processor is that the device is up to 75 percent faster, compared to the A10 processor of the iPhone 7. Another additional advantage is that the battery life of the iPhone 8 has improved considerably thanks to the more economical processor. Having this powerful processor containing phone, you should check iPhone 8 price online and then go to buy it.

  1. Improved cameras

The iPhone 8 has a 12-megapixel camera, just like the iPhone 7. What has been improved on the iPhone 8 camera, is that the camera on the back makes better photos in the dark. The photos have less noise; this difference is mainly noticeable in the dark.

  1. Display with True tone

The iPhone 8 still has the same Full-HD display 1080 pixels as the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. The devices still have IPS (In Plane Switching) and the same resolution. What is new is that the iPhone 8 supports ‘True Tone’, so the color temperature of the screen is adjusted to the environment in which you are. At night, for example, the screen becomes more yellow, so that everything visually remains visible to the eye. You can of course choose to switch off True Tone if you find this annoying.

iPhone 8 Review Important Points

  • iPhone 8 Technical Specifications
  • Display- iPhone OLED display 4.7 inches (1334 x 750 pixels)
  • Processor- A 11 Bionic
  • Cameras – 12-megapixel, 7-megapixel
  • Storage- 64 GB and 256 GB
  • Colors  silver, gold and red (limited)
  • Headphone jack         
  • Wireless charging       
  • True Tone display      

I hope you enjoy iPhone 8 review and if you have any query related to iPhone 8 or its features comment below.

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