Jio Plan 399 Rs Is Much Better Than Vodafone 352 Rs Plan


After September 2016, the telecom industry changed its appearance. Since the entry of Jio in the market, the price and jio plan war started between the companies. All the companies have started bringing new plans to attract customers. Today the situation is that in the market there are a lot of offers from Rs 9 to Rs 999 in the market. But now it is difficult that the users are stuck between these companies or they are confused with what they say or which company to connect with or which plan to choose. Since Jio, all the companies have launched so many plans in competition that competition is now full of different plans. In this case, we will help you decide which plan will be better for you. In this post, we will tell you plan details of Vodafone Rs 352 and plan details of Jio 399. After this, if you were Confucius in both of these plans, then maybe you have some ease in making the choice.

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Vodafone 352 Rs Plan:

Vodafone India has come up with a new plan. This plan has been introduced especially for students. Under this, 1GB 3G / 4G data, including unlimited calling, will be given to students. The name of this plan is Vodafone Campus Survival Kit.

What is Vodafone’s campus survival kit ?

The validity of this plan is 84 days. Under this, 1GB 3G / 4G data, including unlimited calling, will be given to students. That means users will be given 84 GB data. Also discount discount coupons and messenger bags will also be given free. This plan has been introduced only for new users of Delhi-NCR. It costs 445 rupees. After the first recharge of Rs 445, students will have to pay a second recharge of Rs 352. In the plan of 352 rupees, students will also get 445 rupees worth of benefits.

Jio Plan Dhan Dhana Dhan New Offer 

Reliance Jio plan Dhan Dhan Dhan offer users for three months of free services. Free services were provided to Jio Prime Members under this offer. These plans were specially launched for primarily users. The users who had already taken the prime membership had to recharge 309 rupees. At the same time, the users who did not receive prime membership and wanted to take advantage of this offer, had to recharge 309 + 99 (408) rupees. This plan of Jio was to end by the end of June. After this, Jio introduced a new plan of Rs 399 for the users.

Jio Plan Detail Of Rs 399

According to information given on the website of Reliance Jio, under this plan prepaid customers will get 84 GB data with a validity of 84 days for 399 rupees. That means customers can use 1 GB data every day. After 1 GB data usage the speed will decrease to 128 kbps. Simultaneously, unlimited calling, roaming free and free messaging will be available in jio plan.

Which plan is better?

  1. Comparing these two plans of Vodafone and Jio, First of all Vodafone’s plan is available only for those who live in Delhi-NCR and students. At the same time, Jio plan is valid throughout the country, which means that anyone can use it.
  2. This plan of Vodafone will be available only for new connections, with a free kit. Nadar consumer of this free kit will get coupon and messenger bag free. This kit has free coupons. This includes Ola, Djomato and many other discount coupons. This is not with the Reliance plan.
  3. Vodafone has the calling limit in the plan. Under this plan, users will get Unlimited Calling but their limit has been fixed. In this, the user gets 300 minutes daily and 1200 minutes per week of calling. In contrast, Unlimited Calling is available to users in Jio plan .

According to the services available in both plans and your needs and preferences, you can now choose one of these two plans. In my view jio pan is much better than Vodafone because of Jio plan is available for all users without any location boundation but Vodafone have lots of restrictions

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