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Pokemon duel is a free digital board game. It is developed by the Japanese company Heroz and published by the Pokemon company. It comes for both the platforms that are Android as well as IOS. It requires the latest hardware phone to avoid any lag. It is one of the most popular games which has hit millions of downloads. It is based on the world of Pokemon and is very famous among youngsters.

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Pokemon duel game

The Pokemon duel game involves all the Pokemon trading figure. It is a multiplayer game. Each player is assigned with a team of six Pokemon figurines. Each character has a unique skill. The main target of the opponents is to reach the opposite side of the board game first and at the same time resisting the opponent from doing the same. The whole game revolves around fighting and attaining the top position against other players. As you win, you improve your position and your team gets stronger eventually. You will fight your rivals. It requires a constant internet connection for playing. It is very addictive and interesting game which attracts gamers very easily.

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Pokemon Duel Apk Download

Pokemon duel comes on both the platforms that are Android as well as IOS. Downloading the game is very easy. The only condition is that it requires a good internet connection.

Pokemon duel apk mod

The game is of approximately 55 to 60 MB. A suitable android version that is 5.0 or higher is required to run the game smoothly. The official game is launched on the google play store but has some limitations associated with it. Pokemon duel apk can be downloaded easily from the Up to down platform. This enables us to play the game without any limitations.

You can use Pokemon duel hack to get free coins and unlock the other characters. This enables a better position and improves your ranking. Pokemon duel is an eye-catching game. It is reached top charts of android games. Everyone must try this unique game which takes you back to your childhood days. It will lighten your mood .

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