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If you have seen the online shop of Nintendo within the past few days, you may have noticed that the very famous Pokemon Sun and Moon anime have taken over it. The newest and the current duo of the games of Pokemon are front & center on the Nintendo digital distribution service of 3DS and the latest background music is none other than the recently introduced and very famous Pokemon Center theme. Pokemon Sun and Moon anime are available now in the 3DS online store.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

Multiple Pokemon sun and moon starters games have once again seemed on the latest Nintendo 3DS online shop’s charts, including several classics such as Pokemon Red, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon sun and moon starters and Pokemon Gold. The recently-released Pokemon sun and moon starters make an appearance as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

Pokemon is a world-famous, highly anticipated game of all time. The makers of the game have earned billions of dollars by making such a wonderful action-packed game of all time. Pokemon is one of the finest and most amazing games developed by a Japanese company.

Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is a newly launched attraction by the makers, where you can play with your Pokemon to make them friendlier towards you. This might have enhanced how they did in battle, but it isn’t exactly very practical. With Pokemon sun and moon cards, however, it has been retooled. These cards will help you to get progress in your game levels.

The Role of Pokemon Sun and Moon Cards

Graphics-wise, the game Pokémon Sun and Moon looks better than its previous version. Not just the character models as well as overworld looks a lot enhanced and better, but the game battles too. The model (trainer) now appears in the battles just like in the Pokémon Battle Revolution.  While the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime game runs smoothly and lag free for the most part, the Game Freak removed rotation and triple battles. While the users don’t know the exact reason, it is quite deceptive that double battles suffer from the lower frame rates. This is nothing new since Pokemon sun and moon cards game suffers from frame rate issues. Now, what are you waiting for? Just go and download it. Enjoy the battle.

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