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Hello friends today we are going to discuss Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo & Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters, More than two years after its launch, Pokemon Go is remembered for its aficionado players that overwhelmed swarmed streets and parks looking for cute little creatures called pocket monsters. But people forget that Pokemon Go was many people’s first experience with the augmented reality.The app uses the augmented reality and GPS technology to explore real world and catch Pokemon. This is the game that has taken the whole world into the storm. According to many surveys conducted all across the world, Pokemon Go is one of the most favored games of all times.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

The game is now introduced with Pokemon sun and moon starters. Possibly, the most important option in any new Pokemon game – apart from which version you initially go with, of course, is what your Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters in the game should be.As is custom, Pokemon Sun and Moon starters characters namely Litten,Popple, and Rowlett, offer a choice between Fire, Grass, and Water-types, and the gamers can only choose one. The only way to get other starters is to trade with the friends. This is a big decision and there is no wrong answer, so you should know about this starter, their power sources, and evolution.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo

If you want to feel the adventure within, you can download Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. It is available to download from 3 DS online Shop. This game will give players a small taste of the complete version of the game with several new mechanics, from Pokemon Snap-style camera to island Trials, to from Z-Moves, and reward you some goodies. Once you have finished the 30 minute Pokemon Sun and Moon demo or so teaser, you will quickly unlock Ash-Greninja which is a special edition Pokemon alike the one belonging to Ash in anime to transfer into the full version of the game, alongside added items through some optional advantage challenges.

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