Thursday, November 15

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon New Series of Pokemon

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Hello game lovers now a days we are listening lots of news regarding Pokemon ultra sun and moon . Pokemon ultra will release in November 2017 . Its a prediction about the game, Pokemon new version have some new features . So here we are going to discuss about  the Pokemon ultra sun and Pokemon ultra moon new forms and new z moves .

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon

Pokemon game will be playable in nine language they are  English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.The game informer said that the new Pokemon game will be the first game which have some different feature you can choose cap Pikachu and Dusk Form Lycanroc .

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Z Moves

Pokemon Ultra Sun and moon will launch in November 2017 with one special feature which is Z moves for certain Pokemon . Such as Clangorous Soul blaze for Kommo-o. The player can gain Z-Power Ring, which will enable them to use more varieties of Z-Moves than the Z-Ring.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, a new part of Pokemon unfolds on amazing  scale, with the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma at its center. Insider fact about Necrozma and the Alola region undisclosed in the previous game version of sun and moon they will come in new version of Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon .


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